Thursday, March 25, 2010


Day 3-- Newport Beach

We were so happy the weather was so nice and warm so we could do a beach day! Hadley has never been to a beach so we were excited to take her and see what she thought. Well she fits in our family perfectly cause she was a natural beach bum! She loved it and wanted to be in the freezing water the whole time. Or picking sea shells and playing in the sand.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Day 2-- Disneyland

We woke up to hear we slept through an earthquake! And to Hadley saying, "No more Disneyland." We were shocked. We kept asking her if she liked it and she would say yes, but no more. But off we went anyways. We went to California adventures and spent our morning there. Then we decided we were beat and hot so we went back to the hotel, got our swimming suits and went swimming! Then that evening we went back and did a late night at Disney. It was great.

Right when we got there we got to see Elastigirl.

Had, loved the monsters inc. ride. It was so slow and no one was in line so we went on it a couple times.

She was so funny, she kept saying she wanted her picture taken and then she'd come back and look at it in the camera and run back up there. She just needs to learn to smile!!

So, while we were in line at Bugs life Brandon was trying to teach her to smile for a camera. He kept telling her to show her teeth.

Here is the pep talk and the practice..

And here is what we got..

Hanging out at Bugs life..

This is later that night on the Matterhorn. Her face in this one cracks me up! She kept saying "wee" and after we got off she kept saying, "Dad that was so fun!" She was holding on for dear life partly cause it was fast and also the fireworks were going off and scaring the crap out of her!

Friday, March 19, 2010


Day 1--Disneyland
*warning.. tons of pics*

Brandon got a new job so it worked out that he had a week off! Its been wonderful! So we took advantage of it and planned a Disneyland trip. Hadley was so excited and talked about it the few days before so it made it that much more exciting for us to take her!

We got up early Monday morning and headed on our way. We went to Disneyland as soon as we checked in our hotel. Hadley's first ride was Pinocchio and it scared her a little! We thought she'd love all the little kiddy ones but they are so dark and I think it scared her. Her favorite ride was actually the Matterhorn, toy story mania, tea cups, monsters inc, and all the bugs life ones in California Adventures.

She got this brochure from our hotel and saw Mickey on it, so she said she wanted to take it to disneyland to give it back to him.

After we scarred her on Pinocchio, we took her on dumbo and she loved it! It made up for it!

Waiting for the pixar parade. It was so cute!

Of course we had to take her on a carousel cause she's obsessed with them! Even better when its King Tritan's carousel!

Playing in Toon town.

She was so excited to meet him and then she got so shy!

We love the tea cups in my family. You haven't had a real "tea cup" experience until you've been on it with my dad! I promise no one can make it go faster than he can! So in honor of him we had to take her on it.

As soon as we got back and I sat her on the bed she was OUT! It was awesome. This must mean day 1 was a success!!