Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Ok, so I'm really bored right now and January must be a boring month because there are no pictures or things to post about. So we'll try this instead.

*I'm thankful for Brandon. He is so patient with me, fun to be with, a great dad, smart, hard worker, loving, and makes me laugh.

*I'm thankful for Hadley. I love the talking phase so far! She is entertaining. I love when she asks, "You k? You crying?" She asks her doll that a lot but mostly after she throws her. I love when you ask her questions if the answer is no she hurries and shuts her eyes and shakes her head no. I love that she told grandma to "be nice" the other day when Hadley got in trouble. I love when she asks "wheres dad?" I think its hilarious when I go get her from bed and she says, "Poop pooh, ewwwww" and points to her bum. I love it when she tells her doll "no" and "cute".
(this list could go on. just cause her list is bigger right now does not mean I love her more than Bran)

*I'm thankful for our families. And all the wonderful examples we have in our lives.

*I'm thankful for friends. Its so hard to leave friends or watch them move. And then with kids and husbands we just get so busy. But we do love all our friends and miss the ones we left or have left us behind!

*I'm thankful for the gospel. I'm thankful for callings, for the chance to get out of our comfort zones and grow.

Thursday, January 08, 2009


We had a great Christmas! We spent it with the McDonald side up in Salt Lake. This was our first year with a "real job" and not a month long school break. So our Christmas went really fast. We drove up late Christmas eve. Spent Christmas day opening presents, playing games, eating and the best part was talking to my brother who is on a mission!! The next day we all woke up sick and thanks to the snow we couldn't drive our car to go visit anyone. That night my father in law took us to temple square and we took a carriage ride around it. Its my favorite. Then we headed up to Brandon's sister and her husband's house and played games and stayed there. On Saturday was the McDonald family Christmas party and on Sunday morning we were headed to St. George. We had Christmas dinner with my family and opened gifts, cut some hair then headed back to Vegas! My mom made Hadley this ABC quiet book for church. It is so cute, but what we didn't know is that Haddy knows all of her letters but "S". We were shocked when we were flipping through it and she pointed and said the letters.

All of us on Christmas morning waiting to go get our presents!

Hadley didn't want to open anymore, she just wanted to play with the playdough!

Her new princess phone.

This is Dallas. Hadley loves him!
Waiting for our carriage ride.

This is at my mom's. She was so funny opening her presents. She would kneel on them, turn them around, flip them over then finally get them openend.