Tuesday, December 20, 2011

11 Months!

11 months: He is 20 lbs 9 oz (as of 2 weeks ago)
He has 3 teeth and almost 1 more!

He is all over the place, can open doors, is getting better at standing all by himself, will walk around the living room pushing his train, gives kisses, is finally starting to clap, will FINALLY cuddle with us at bedtime, he pats your back when he hugs you, is a big tease and loves to make you laugh (when I change his bum he will turn to his side so I can't get his diaper on and just giggles) he is in the copying stage and will click his tongue or stick it out if you do it to him. He got his first haircut and loves music.

I love him so much! I can't believe my next post about him will be when he is 1! Where did this year go?

Friday, November 18, 2011

another month...

10 Months! and is now bigger than his moose!

These are a little blurry because this kid does not hold still for a min!

This month:

* loves to explore and checking out new things
*just give him a box of stuff for him to empty and he is happy. Box of toys or my make-up bag
*loves climbing into the dishwasher, taking the utensils out, licks them and then throws them on the floor and grabs a new one (don't worry I clean them again!)
*loves food, he ate one of Had's chicken nuggets and loved it.
*starting throwing tantrums. He will throw his head back and fall then rolls on his belly and puts his head in the carpet and just kicks his legs. Its kinda funny but after a few more times it won't be:)
*he plays with my hair when I'm walking around just holding him.
*when you feed him at night he'll just reach up and rub your face.
*the last 2 weeks he's finally crawling "normal". No more army crawl.

He is so dang sweet and puts up with a lot from his sister. We love him so much and I can't believe I will be planning his first birthday so soon. Where did this year go?!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Happy birthday!

Oct 19th: Brandon's day.
Hadley loves to help bake, so we surprised her daddy with a cake and a basket of his favorite treats and a movie. It was a fun day and his boss let him out early so we had a fun evening spending his birthday money! I felt bad because after I bought something for me Hadley started singing, "happy birthday daddy and mommy."

Halloween Festivities

{ Oct 14 -15th }

A few of my friends and I had a little Halloween lunch for our kiddos. We made mummy pizzas, decorated Halloween cookies, painted pumpkins and made spider plates.
Brandon had the day off so he stayed home with Grayson, so it was nice to just spend time with Hadley.

It was a fun weekend, our friends Jenni and Kelly were in town and then my family showed up as well! We went to the pumpkin patch for their son Bennett's birthday. I offered to make his cake for them, and with some tips/help from Whitney, it ended up being so dang cute!

Hadley, Grayson and Ava.

I forgot socks for my kids (cause who needs them in Oct?) and they wouldn't let Hadley on the slide with out them. But Papa saved the day and had an extra pair of his socks for her to wear!

Bennett and Hadley in the feeding zoo part.

Of course her favorite part, riding Blondie.
Uncle Kason bought Hadley the biggest pumpkin for them to carve. She was so excited!

A weekend with Grandma and Grandpa McDonald

{ Oct 8-9 }

Brandon's parents came down for the weekend to see Hadley in her first primary program! She was all ready, knew her part and when she got up there she decided she needed to sing it! It was great. She sang "As I read the scriptures, I can become closer to Him."

Hadley got to go on a bike ride with Craig.

We took the kids (and their dogs) to the park.
Grayson does not like the dogs, anytime he'd go by them he'd scream. It was sad!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


My little pork chop is 9 months!
It amazes me how fast it goes! Especially this time around.

Is he not the cutest thing or what!?
This was at his Dr. appointment the other day. (Its a bad pic I took with my phone.)
Weight: 19.8 - 47%
Height: 29.25 in. - 83%
Head: 17.75 in. - 52%

Lindsay took some pics for me the other day and I love his face on this one!
He is always thinking of what he can get into next, he is going to be my little trouble maker!

And this pretty much sums up what Lindsay was dealing with while doing his pics!A few things this month to remember:

*He is done with his binky. Which is good and bad! Good because there was no weening, he did it all on his own terms. Bad because this kid is so LOUD! Church sucks with no binky! He chucks it when you try to give it to him or he sticks his tongue out and refuses to let you put in in.

*He wants to walk, he has to be in a standing position. He walks along the couch and pulls himself up onto anything. Sometimes he will let go and shut his eyes likes he's hoping his legs will just get him to the next place and then he falls hard.

*He chews on everything, he is like a dog.

*He always looks so serious. He is going to have major wrinkles if he keeps this up!

*Loves any food except broccoli. He gags. He is so much more interested in what everyone else is eating. Hadley at his age could have cared less. Grayson sees you eating and will open his mouth every time you take a bite.

*Loves stairs.

*Loves being outside.

*Still has the 2 bottom teeth and waiting for his top ones to pop through.

*Is so ticklish.

*favorite word, "mamma"

*loves looking at pictures! He gets the biggest grin when you show him the pictures on the wall.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Rodeo weekend

We had such a fun weekend with my family. It was my mom's class reunion weekend as well so that morning at Staheli farm, they had a big breakfast for the families to come eat and play on the farm. It was awesome! I want to live on a farm now, minus all the work.

Hadley LOVES animals so she was in heaven! We got to pet pigs, goats and horses. And she loved feeding them. We could not get her away from the horses, after she spotted them she could care less about the train or the giant trampoline or the swings.

Rodeo 2011

We love the rodeo! The kids were sick but were still troopers. Hadley got to go both nights, we were suppose to as well but it just didn't work out. I'm glad Hadley went the first night because the next night you could tell she wasn't feeling so good.