Friday, February 03, 2012

All about Hadley!

I'm so proud of this girl! She passed off her 100 challenge at school. She counted to 100 all by herself and earned 100 m&m's. She asked me one day to help her learn to count to 100. I told her not to worry, she'll learn when she's in school when she is older. Well she walked in the other room and I hear her counting, so I went in and helped her count to 100. She was so excited and wanted me to come with her to school to show her class. I told her not to be a show off, I had no idea her teacher had challenged them to it! After I found out I felt so bad and then helped her for a week to get it down! She amazes me when she puts her mind to something and she is so determined she can do anything! I wish she could grasp this!

Hadley at 4 1/2:

- Favorite colors: purple and black

-Favorite songs: Mike Posner "cooler than me" and Sugarland "stuck like glue." She loves music and makes up her own songs.

-Favorite foods: pizza, chicken nuggets, grilled cheese and spaghetti
and chocolate.

- She loves to learn. She is learning to read some words. She works on her sight words every night.

-She LOVES animals, especially dogs. This is her new friend Bisquit.

-Loves her brother.

-If you ask Hadley about Nakelle, she will tell you she is her best, big friend. To say she loves Nakelle is an understatement! Nakelle is great with Hadley and Grayson and helps so much when we are at my mom's! (side note, these two love birds are getting hitched in April!! We couldn't be more happy)

-Things you hear Hadley say, "This is so boring" (usually out of context), "This is the worst day" (when she doesn't get her way or gets hurt), "I love you mostest" or "I love you more than the universe", "actually...".

she is very observant and knows details.

She can be the sweetest person to be around, she can cry over the smallest things, she likes things her way and can be very particular.

She is content and can entertain herself.

She is hilarious!