Thursday, September 23, 2010

Had's big day!

{Sep 9th}

Hadley started preschool, I still can't believe it! She LOVES it! She's going to Flying Colors preschool with Ms. Monaca. Hadley loves her and her classroom is adorable! Its so cute when she tells us about her day and what they learned. That morning she was so excited. We ate breakfast and got all ready, then she wore her back pack around the house for 30 min before we left.

Here are some attempts of getting the "first day of school" pics.

I love this picture of her and her buddies! Nate-Harrison-Hadley

Then after school she got the best surprise, her papa was down for work and had an extra hour to kill. He came to visit, eat otter pops with us, look at her homework and let us play in the diesel which she calls "mac".

Monday, September 20, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

{Sep 4th-6th}

We had a great long weekend with the family! (To bad Kade and Sydney couldn't make it.) They were suppose to come down Fri night and Hadley was so dang excited. After a very long day for my dad and Kason, they decided to come Sat morning. When we were putting Hadley to bed Fri night she asked where grandma, papa and kason were. When we told her they would be here in the morning she said in a sad little voice, "you teased me." Which translates to " you lied to me!" It was so cute and so sad!

So once they got here, our friends Lindsay and Wes let us all come crash at there fabulous pool! It was wonderful, thanks guys!! We had a fun night at dinner. When we were leaving the restaurant, Hadley saw a lady with long very pink hair. When we were right in front of her table Hadley freezes and stares and says loudly, "mom, look! She has pretty pink hair. Like my ponies!" Oh man, I'm not ready for these innocent, honest comments that will embarrass me!

Monday we went bowling and out to lunch before they left us. Of course I take no pictures until the last day! And most of these pics turned out bad cause our camera sucks and Brandon will give me a hard time for not fixing red eye but I can't figure it out today, oh well.

Had and papa bowling.

Waiting so patiently for her turn.

Cheering everyone on.

She loved having the air blow her hair.

After she would let the ball go, and it took 5 min for it to reach the pins she would do dance moves or a head stand while she waited. This is all I could capture though.

Monday, September 13, 2010

6 years!

{aug 20-21}

I'm so behind on blogging! In August we celebrated our 6 year anniversary! It was so much fun! We decided to do a stay-cation. We live in Vegas, so we thought we'd enjoy it the way we would if we came here to visit!

A huge THANK YOU to my parents who came down to watch Hadley for the night.

It ended up working great because our good friends Kelly and Jenn were trying to plan something in Vegas that same weekend. So we ended up all staying at the Red Rock Casino, swimming and going to our favorite buffet at the Paris. While Kel and Jenn went to a show on the strip we ended up going back and seeing a movie. It was the best time doing whatever we wanted with no kids, relaxing and spending time with our friends who we miss so much!

And I am horrible with our camera, I had to steal these off Kelly's blog. I guess this is what happens when you are married 6 years you stop taking pics of your anniversary!

We weren't the only ones having fun that weekend. Hadley loves her grandma and papa and gets so excited when they sleep at her house. They took her to dinner and played a ton and even took her to see my dad's friend's fire truck. She thought she was so cool!