Tuesday, August 07, 2012

My little dancer!

May 2012

 I thought I lost all her dance recital pictures but I found them!  

This past year, Hadley has enjoyed her first year at dance with Ms. Holly!  It was great and she loved it!  We are so sad that Ms. Holly moved.  Back in May they had their dance recital and it was so cute.  The girls did great and were pretty entertaining.  

Hadley would dance and then stop and look out and try and find us and then continue dancing.  Then she'd see us and wave.  After her group would get done, they would exit the stage but Hadley would wait until she was done bowing. 

 Her cute daddy brought her flowers. 

 And her buddy Nate came to cheer her on.  He was so cute and watched the whole thing and stole his mom's camera and took tons of pics that I'm sure she loved :)