Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hadley's 2 yr old pictures

My friend Valerie took Hadley's pictures for us and here are a few. It really hit me on Sunday just how big she is getting. We got home from church and I asked her how was nursery and she tells me she went to the temple church (thats what she calls the church, i have no idea why) and tells me bubbles, treats and knees and toes. It was just weird that she could tell me about the song she sang and what she did there.
It makes me crazy how fast time is going and that I have a two year old.
Here are a few reasons why I love her:
-she talks non stop to me at home
-she'll do anything to make us laugh
-she thinks farts are funny and blames them on other people
-when she doesn't want to do something she says NOPE
-when she does want to do something she says OK MAMA
-she loves to watch movies
-she's good at cleaning up (i hope i don't jinx this)
-she knows all my friends names and their kids
-she can unload the silverware from the dishwasher
-she has to go to bed with all her stuffed animals

She was looking at these with me and I asked her what she is looking at and she tells me a bird.

Monday, July 06, 2009


Warning: There are a ton of pictures! My collage wouldn't work.

Hadley and I went with my parents, grandparents and aunt Kathy to Atlanta to visit our cousins the Kreylings. My cousin Kim had a baby in April so my parents were taking my grandparents to visit and so we tagged along! It was a lot of fun!! I was so nervous for our flight with Haddie, I didn't know how she'd do. Delta screwed up our seats so none of us sat by each other so that made things even better! Luckily Had was great but fell asleep when we landed and taxied in.

We stayed up every night playing Yahtzee, our family favorite. My grandma kicked our buts and set a record.

Kim, baby Davis and haddie

Haddie and Papa playing in Kim's backyard. Why can't Vegas have big yards?!
Enjoying Kim's pool. Hadley showing off her swimming skills.

Davis is the best cuddler ever!! This was me on babysitting duty, I have no clue where my child is..

Hadley loves My aunt Koni's dog Wally. She loved walking him every night with them! And she loved climbing in his cage.

We went to Stone mountain and watched the laser show and fireworks.

While we were there they had Davis's blessing. It was really special. Here is Kim, Lance and Davis. Who by the way is the best baby!

Hadley thinks any coffee table or fireplace is her stage and she'll just sing and dance. Its pretty funny.
We went to the Aquarium. I love that place!! And Hadley was in heaven! She kept yelling "Nemo!"

Grandma and Grandpa spoil her and got her, her own Nemo.
Our family favorite: the Varsity!!
Saying our Goodbye's. Thanks Kreylings and Cones for entertaining us and letting us take over your houses! We had so much fun, wish we could lived closer so we could see each other more!!