Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our July

I'm slacking big time with the blog. I feel like I'm 80, I've been sick with pneumonia and it is kicking my butt! Who the heck gets pneumonia in July??? I've been down for 2 weeks and my my kids and house and everything else has been neglected! I hate that feeling, but I'm feeling better and better and hoping I will get my energy back soon. Thank you Kristine, Derek, Cara, Megan and Jen for all your help with me, the kids and bringing us dinner. You guys saved us! And to my mom, thank you for helping us with the kids!! Brandon, I'm sorry I'm the worst sick person to be with!

Grayson turned 6 months on 7/16. I can't even believe he is 6 months! He is getting so big. He is rolling all over, has the loudest highest pitched scream, has the cutest laugh, loves baby food, loves his sister, loves when his daddy gets home from work, almost has the sitting up thing mastered, still won't cuddle with his mamma, loves being outside, grabs everything, still takes 3 naps, sleeps on his belly lately, and has the biggest -cheesiest smile.

She is such a big help with her brother, especially since I've been sick. She keeps him entertained that is for sure! She loves animals, books, TV, when she talks about the past she says "last night", she has bad dreams lately, she has turned into a good little swimmer, loves her swimming lessons most of the time, loves primary, loves knock-knock jokes and she just makes me smile. I love this little lady!

June 30th

We celebrated Kade's birthday! I love my brother and it was fun to be there on his day.

So for the 4th of July, we went to Salt Lake to see Brandon's family. Its not very often the entire family is there the same weekend so when we heard everyone else was coming into town we changed our plans so we could be there!

We had a lot of fun being with everyone! Things to remember about our weekend:
*yummy BBQ's
*beating Brandon in Jenga
*playing games
*celebrating Jill and Jack's birthdays
*family pictures
*Grayson getting bounced off the air mattress and landing on his head
*the parade, getting hit in the head with candy, and all of us getting soaked including the babies!
*playing with all the cousins
*taking Hadley to temple square
*visiting and catching up with everybody!

making smores in the backyard

hanging out at temple square.

Caitlin painting Had's nails.

The big parade!

Me, Erin and Sylvie!

The 3 babies in their cute little 4th of July outfits from Grandma Jill.


After the parade we headed to St. George. We had a BBQ with my family, aunt and uncle and grandparents that night. Then Brandon headed back home and me and the kids stayed the week to hang out with my mom before school started back up!

We went swimming, saw Cars 2, went to Tuacahn and just played and had fun!

Grayson went to bed so my mom, dad, Kade and Sydney took Hadley to the new Carousel in town and watched fireworks.

My dad and his mini-me. My dad watched Grayson so us girls could go see the Little Mermaid at Tuacahn. It was so good until intermission and we got rained out! And then to top it off, in the parking lot we saw this man peeing in a bush and not being discreet about it!

Before the show:

And after! We were soaked! It was a fun night, thanks MOM!!!