Sunday, December 21, 2008

An Early White Christmas

The other day Vegas got almost 5 inches of snow! I went out and took this picture when I thought it was at its worst, but I was wrong. It snowed all day long. I loved it. I never thought I'd say that about snow. After moving here from Salt Lake we do NOT like snow anymore. There is something nice about it when you know its not going to last long. Good thing my Sister in law gave us some snow clothes, who knew we'd use them here. So I dressed Hadley all up and I was so excited and she hated it. She couldn't move in her snow clothes so she just stood there. She liked just staring out the window and saying "snow."

We are going up to see the McDonald side of the family for Christmas and since her new kitchen set won't fit in our car we had Santa come early. When you ask her what Santa says she says "ha, ha .....ha"

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How the Grinch stole Crew

This is how my friend Riley won mother of the year! This is poor little Crew, Hadley's long distance love. His mean mom wouldn't wait in the long Santa line so she settled with the Grinch. This is by far my favorite Holiday picture so I just wanted to share with all.

P.S I love you Ri! And you really are a good mom!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bad Santa

Dear Santa,

I guess the economy isn't bothering you yet. Well it is for most of us. We can't and don't want to spend $15 for one 4x6. Nor do we want to spend $40 for a package of my kid trying with all her might to get away from you.
Maybe next year you will waive the high prices to see you and we can get a picture with you!

Here are the kids waiting at Santa's door for him to let us in from the cold. We waited over 30 min and because we wouldn't buy a package of pictures, they wouldn't let us take some with our own camera. So we were out of there pretty quick!

This was after Santa scared her. Maybe next year she'll like him.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Hadley's men.

So my mom and I went to the Ellen show and it was so dang fun! And it serves us right for being greedy because that was the day she didn't give out any prizes. It was still so cool though. We were the only ones who followed the rules about no bringing cameras. So I have no pictures to show for it. Anyways so after that I went home with her and spent the whole week in St. George. I got to see a few friends, (Sorry Erin that Hadley was so mean to Carter) hang out with my cousins and spend time with my family and grandparents. It was fun. I even got to have a girls night with my mom and we went to see Twilight. My dad is the best. He watched Hadley for me. He got her already for bed and everything. I don't know what he did but she even slept 13 hours. Isn't this the cutest picture! This is what we came home to. Hadley is obsessed with her "Papa." She loves to feed him and wake him up and she follows him around the house.

This is Hadley's other main man, Nate. Or "Nete" as Hadley calls him. Remember back in the day the play pins. Where are mom's just threw us in there with toys and called it good. Well after Nate's nap Hadley wanted to get in there with him and I seriously could not get them out for 10 minutes or so. I folded two batches of laundry while they played in there. I promise Lindsay I don't always just throw them in there when I babysit him, just this once.