Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where did April go?

I've been thinking a lot how time is flying! It makes me a little sad! Just 2 years ago my baby was getting ready to turn 1!

Brandon was graduating law school.

And Kason was getting ready to leave us! It was so sad and exciting and its crazy to me that he will be home in just 6 weeks!!!!

And now, my baby is getting ready to turn 3! She loves horses, dogs, princess's, playing dress up, the park, her friends, nursery, teasing, rhyming, coloring and watching movies. She is potty trained and has been since the Feb. We got really lucky with her and she was caught on pretty fast and has done great. And she is officially signed up for preschool in the weird to me!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A fun surprise!

A few weeks ago my good friend's sister asked me to come cut their families hair and have dinner. When we knocked on the door much to our surprise my good friend Jenn and her daughter Ava answered the door!!! It was the best surprise ever! We miss them so much and love it when Jenni and Kelly come to vegas. Dang jobs/school moved us apart so good thing we live close to her sister so we can see them quite often.

Hadley had so much fun with her little buddy!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter 2010

Our Easter started the weekend before while we were in St. George. We had a fun BBQ at the park with my parents, kade and sydney and our grandparents. Hadley loved finding eggs and presents that grandma hid! During our Easter week, we met up with a bunch of friends from the ward at the park for a potluck and easter egg hunt. It was a lot of fun! Thanks Toni!!

For our actual Easter, we all slept in which was nice and then the Easter bunny realized she didn't put out the Easter stuff. After that was thrown together we enjoyed a nice relaxing Sunday and watched conference. It was so good this year I thought. It seemed like there were a lot of talks to mothers, I loved it.

My mom has The princess and the frog movie as well, so when Hadley saw it in her basket she said, "oh good, grandma gave it back."

The Marz family invited us over for Easter dinner. It was GREAT food and fun company! Marliyn and Barbara, thank you for Hadley's treats and prizes!

The Earl kiddos, Nate and Had

Monday, April 05, 2010

Our visitors from France

Brandon met this awesome family on his mission in southern France and we were so lucky to have them come to the States and stay with us for a few days! They love America and kept telling us they were like kids at disneyland! They both speak English pretty good so it was great for me and Hadley! They are the nicest people and we had so much fun with them.

Corinne and Philippe Esmieu and Brandon

He wanted to see a Gold's Gym, go shop at the outlets and get some souvenirs.

Enjoyed a nice lunch Chili's!

Then finished our night down on the strip! Hadley thinks all the casinos are her castles so she loved showing them to Corinne and Philippe. They love the Bellagio and Caesars Palace so we spent our time there watching the fountain show and walking around the forum shops.

We compared to see which eiffel tower was better the Vegas one or the Paris one. They said their's trumps ours.

Hadley loved them and if they would walk out of the room she'd say, "where are daddy's friends?" They were so cute with her and spoiled us all with gifts. Its always hard to say good bye to them not knowing when we will see them next.

Thursday, April 01, 2010


Day 4-- Last day at Disneyland

This was a sad day because we did not want our vacation to end! We used our early morning pass so we could do all our rides that Hadley couldn't go on. She is so dang tall we were hoping she could go on some of the big ones but next time we are there she'll for sure be able too. We promised she could meet the princess's while we were there, we were kinda dreading it because its such a long line!! Seriously we waited for almost an hour and a half. There are some freako's in that line too! I don't know why people who don't have kids would wait and be so excited to meet disney princesses but whatever, kinda creepy.

Ignore my new dorky friend in the background.

We had to go on the matterhorn one last time!

Small world. I swear every line we stood in some old man was singing this dang song or humming it.

She was star struck!! She was so excited but as soon as we saw them she became so shy! She would just stare at them. She loves Snow White and Sleeping Beauty right now so she was in heaven! She did tell them she was 2, blew them kisses and gave them hugs. It was definitely the highlight of her trip! (even though it doesn't look like it in the pics)