Tuesday, May 14, 2013


{March 31st 2013}
 We had a wonderful Easter in St. George with my family.  My cousin and her family came down and stayed at my parent's place and it was so fun!  My kids had a blast with cousins and grandma's neighbor kids.

Our day consisted of:
Easter baskets
Delicious breakfast
Hadley and I going with grandma to church
Dinner with my brothers and their cute wives, I love when we all get together and wish it happened more
Hanging out with Grandpa Pope and visiting Grandma's grave.  It seemed very fitting and peaceful being with her on Easter.  So grateful for the Gospel and that we'll see her again.
An awesome big-kid Easter egg hunt with fun prizes!

Monday, May 13, 2013

 Ryland @ 7 months

This is going by way to fast!  He is the sweetest little guy you'll meet.  We love him so much!!

Things to remember:

-Loves to eat.  His favorite snack is pretzels, still not sure about Puffs.

-Loves bath time and stroller rides.

-Pulled himself up for the first time (hasn't done it since)

-Does this cheesy smile where he squints his eyes.

-Went swimming for the fist time and loved it.

-He prefers mommy and cries when he doesn't see me.

-Will give you loves, he lays his head on you for a min and just snuggles. It is the best but wish it would last longer!  He really hates to cuddle for to long!

-Wears the bar and shoes at night only.  Still not sleeping all night. Usually wakes up once sometimes twice.  I keep saying we'll make him cry it out but I'm having a hard time with this one!