Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Grayson is 1 month!

I can't believe my little man is 1 month today! Is it sad I'm actually depressed about it?! Why does it have to go by so fast?

We have enjoyed this last month with Grayson so much. He is such a sweet little guy and brings so much joy to our family. There is nothing sweeter than a newborn and their little spirit!

Things to remember:

* as of last week he weighed 8lb 4 oz
* this kid is loud! His grunts, sneezes, moans and farts!
* he is always pooping compared to Hadley when she was a newborn!
* he was jaundice and had to get his heal pricked every other day for a week.
* most nights he sleeps 3 - 5 hrs. (wish the 5 hr stretch was more consistent)
* he sleeps the best in the swing or his bouncer/cradle thing.
* he lost a pound after he was born.
* we made it through his circumcision.
* he loves to be held and snuggled.
* sometimes he likes to be swaddled.
* he gets MAD when he is hungry and waking up.
* he is a chill little baby!

His little pose he does during diaper changes.
He is pretty patient and lets us girlies do what we want with him!

Hadley at 3 1/2
She is silly, fun, funny, sassy, sensitive and dramatic!

Things to remember about this little woman:

* When she came to the hospital she said, "Is this my brother? This is totally awesome! He is adorable!"

* We never had the "talk" of how Grayson would be eating. The first time I nursed she said, "Mom, what are you doing?" After we explained to her she said, "that is GROSS"

* For the first week she kept asking if he could crawl yet and that she wanted to teach him.

* It took her 2 weeks but now she talks to him, helps with his binky, burps him and loves wiping his butt.

* Does NOT like to hold her brother yet.

* One morning I pumped instead of nursing him, I asked her if she'd feed him while I did my hair. With a scared little face she says, "I don't want to pump milk out of my boobies!"

* finally she said to us the other night while we were driving to dinner, "I love being a big sister!"

*She says, "Chaa." Instead of "yes"

* She calls Grayson our chunky monkey.

* She tells people, "this is my brother Grayson, he has a big head"

*She calls the roads car tracks.
our downstairs closet a horse pantry. (we keep her toys and her horse bucket in there)