Friday, January 27, 2012

Not my baby anymore!

Grayson turned 1!! This was the fastest year of my life, I swear!
Here is a picture of every month. The last pic he's wearing one of his newborn outfits. I thought I had a pic of him in it when he was little but I can't find it.

His 1 year old stats:

weight 21.5 lbs / 50%
height 30.5 inches / 75%
head 18 inches / 39 %
(At his appointment, he walked along the furniture to get to the Dr. and just laid his head on her lap while she talked to me. It was so sweet.)

Things to remember about this last month:

-he got his 2 top teeth
-he stands for about a min but won't try and take steps
-says: ball, uh-oh, car, dog, go, hi, mamma, dadda, and he said pappa twice but hasn't said it again!
-loves music and bounces up and down to it
-is finally letting me read to him
-is a little lover, he will crawl up to you and lay his head on you or give kisses
-has to do whatever we are doing or especially Hadley. If she climbs up on something, he wants to. If she eats or drinks something, he wants some. etc.
-likes coke. I hate this fact! Hadley wouldn't touch the stuff til she was 2. He is so fast and grabbed our straw and took a sip and didn't flinch. Loved it!
-can go up and down stairs great now. loves to play in the loft.
-always carries a ball around the house or has something in his hand.
-won't eat baby food unless its fruit. He wants the real stuff now!

Good thing it was his first birthday and he won't remember because this birthday all came together like a few days before! Note to self: never have another baby close to Christmas! I was so over parties and gifts! I hope he doesn't get jipped his whole life!

We decided to go to St. George and have a small little party. My grandparents came, my aunt and uncle, my friend Ri and Brittany. My unlce Jule who lives in Atlanta was in town for a few days so him and my cousin Justin stopped by for a min too. It was fun!

For Christmas, Grayson's buddies Nate and Ryan gave him an Elmo. He loves it and sleeps with it so we thought he'd love an Elmo party. It might be a tradition for first birthdays because Hadley had an elmo party as well. My mom, Hadley and I made the cake and cupcakes. We made his elmo cake with 2 round cakes and he ate half of it! He would've kept going but we were getting sick watching so we pulled him away!

On his actual birthday we met up with Lindsay, Nate and Ryan for some lunch. He had a good day if I do say so myself. Nate and Ryan spoiled him and then his daddy brought him home a birthday cupcake.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Christmas time!

I love the holidays! I still can't believe they've come and gone! At the beginning of December the kids and I drove up to St. George to see the "real Santa", he is the same one my mom took us kids to see every year when we were little. Sydney and Nakelle were good sports to put up with us getting a picture with Santa!

Friday the 23rd- Christmas eve round 1:
We asked my family to do an early Christmas so we could be with both families. So on Friday we drove up to St. George and had an early Christmas eve. My mom always makes prime rib and it was delicious! We made our reindeer food so Santa can drop off our jammies. We played left-center-right and opened our gifts from each other.

Sydney and Grayson

Oh this little lady makes me laugh! She is so mad in this picture! She thought she would get to see the reindeer drop off her jammies. Big miscommunication!

Trying to see Rudolph in the sky. Luckily Nakelle saved the night and saw a red flashing light.
Saturday the 24th:
We opened our gifts from my parents and had a nice breakfast. Hadley got a bike!

Watching Hadley play with her bike before we headed to Salt Lake for Christmas eve with Brandon's family.

Nakelle and Grayson

We had a wonderful dinner with Brandon's family! Then we went and looked at Christmas lights before we put the kids to bed.

Hadley was funny this year. Every time we'd ask her what she wanted for Christmas she say, "mom, its a surprise."

Sunday the 25th - Christmas!!:

Caitlin woke us all up at 6,( its the only day I will wake my babies) and the party begins!!

Caitlin and Hadley

It was a great weekend with our families, we were lucky and got to see a few of Brandon's friends and their families too. I wish I had taken more pics!!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Salt Lake

Salt Lake Nov 4-6th, 2011

This was a very special weekend! Brandon's sister Kristen and her husband Thomas were sealed in the Draper Temple and had their daughter sealed to them. It was so neat being there. What a spiritual weekend it was.

Hadley loves playing in the snow with her Grandpa and his dogs!

Hadley looking for Grandma's ring.

On our way home we were able to see one of Brandon's good friends and right by their house is the "UP" house. It was closed but it was still fun to go show Hadley and see it.


Halloween 2011

We had a fun October doing lots of things to get us in the Halloween spirit!

We went to the Springs Preserve one night with a few friends and they had trick or treating for the kids and little games and booths.

Hadley had a Halloween party at school. Thanks to Miss Erika for lending Hadley her Ariel costume!!

We had our ward's trunk or treat. The kids look forward to the train being there each year and was Hadley's highlight!

On Halloween night, it was pretty low key. We had dinner with the Crouch's and then went trick or treating. After a while, Hadley says to us that she is tired and ready to go home! Fine with us, that worked out better than we had imagined.

Thanks to Britney for sending us this cute costume! Grayson was the cutest little lion you will ever see!

This shows it was a success, they both slept great that night!!