Sunday, May 29, 2011

Last night we gave Grayson rice cereal for the first time!
You could tell he didn't know quite what to think at first with a spoon.
Did great after that, no funny faces so I think he liked it!

Hadley's first year of preschool!

Hadley finished her first year of preschool last week! What a fun year it has been for her. She has loved it. And it is so fun to see just how much she's learned!

On the last day of school Ms. Monaca did a luau and invited the mom's to come eat and watch the pinata. After watching Hadley and the pinata, I think its safe to say sports are not in her future:)

While we were waiting to go to the luau, Lindsay and Alex came over and we were preparing our stuff to take. Well, Ryan was climbing up my kitchen chair and didn't quite make it up. Lindsay picked him up and was cuddling him and when he lifted up his head we saw blood! His tooth had bit through his lip. This little dude is so tough! He stopped crying just after a min or so. We had Derek and Kristine, our very own house call Dr and nurse meet us at preschool. They told us to have it checked and he probably needed a stitch or two. Thanks to Megan and Alex for taking our kids so I could go with Lindsay to the urgent care. Needless to say, it was a long wait and no stitches!! They thought it would be more traumatic to hold him down for 1 stitch.

I'm bad luck for Lindsay, cause the next day we had a collision with Nate!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Who's Your Daddy?

So Kiley and I were watching the Billboard Music Awards last night and we noticed a striking resemblance between the rapper Pitbull and our son Grayson. So I decided to compare a pictures of Grayson with a picture of Pitbull and a picture of me. Who do you think this kid resembles more?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

4 MoNthS


don't mind that he's giving me the bird.

He's a great little shopping buddy when Had's at preschool! After we got home he crashed on the couch.

I love and hate that my little man is 4 months. I know I say it every month, but it is just going by way to fast! I'm loving this age though!

We weighed him on the Wii and according to that he is 14lbs 9 oz. I think its off a little though, we will find out in a few weeks at his dr's app.

*he has been an awesome sleeper, until now. He has been waking up 2 times a night for a few weeks. I think its a growth spurt or something. Last night he slept a straight 11 hrs, so hopefully its over now!
*he has found his hands and eats them non stop
*he is spitting up more
*he is finally laughing, although it takes a lot to make him laugh and usually his mamma to do it.
*hates tummy time
*starting to fight the car seat. Ugg, I hope this is just a phase! He arches his back and growls when we put him in it.
*he is my sensitive child. Things freak him out and scare him and there is no consoling him!
*loves baths
*starting to not like his binky
*loves looking at himself in the mirror
*is very ticklish

Here will be one of his black mail pics in the future. After the kids baths the other night Hadley wouldn't put on her jammies so we told her Grayson would wear them. Sad that these 3T jammies were not huge on him! And I had to throw in a cute bow! I miss the headbands, I'll be honest!

St. George

{ May 6th & 7th }

Brandon's sister Erin and her family were in St. George and my Sister in Law Sydney graduated college so we went up there to celebrate both!

We always have a fun time with Erin, Garrett and Sylvie! Went out to dinner, got our butts kicked in games and just had fun visiting and playing with Sylvie! The boys even found time to go golfing and next time me and Erin get to go do something:)
Hadley LOVES Erin and was her shadow while we were there! When she was helping her get Sylvie to bed, she asked where Sylvie was going to sleep. Then she asked where the flat haired guy with her was going to sleep at. When Erin told her in the same bed as her, she thought for a min and said, "oh, my mom and dad sleep in the same bed too!"

Little buddies!

Pizza Factory!

Saying good bye at the condo. Erin, we need to do this more often and meet in St. George!!

On Sat, we went to Cedar to watch Sydney graduate!! She is officially a teacher Woohoo!! I couldn't be more proud of her and all her hard work! It was so great being up there on her special day. We love you Sydney! You are a great sister and aunt. After the graduation we went over to her mom's for a yummy dinner. It was fun visiting with everyone, she has a great family. It was a great day!

I had to throw this in, he is so dang cute!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My 27th!

{ April 30th }

Had the best birthday!
Woke up to breakfast and a cake.
Hadley kicked the ball at her soccer game for my special day.
My kids were on their best behavior all day.
I got some beautiful flowers.
Grateful for all the cards, texts and love I got from my friends!
Went to dinner with Brandon and our friends Lindsay and Wes.
Met up with Alex and Pat and went to a movie.
Grateful for our friends who watched the kids.
Thank you Brandon for making my day so wonderful, you are very thoughtful! xoxo

Friday, May 13, 2011


{ April 12th-14th }

Brandon's friends from France came to visit! It is always great to see them and hear Brandon speak French. Hadley loves them and remembered them from their last visit. They brought her a horse book and stickers so that helped her warm up really fast!

The Esmieus' are so fun and have way more energy than I do. We do the same things every time they come, its kinda funny : Eat at Chili's, shop at the outlets, go to the strip (but we can't go during the day we have to go at night), stay up late and shop some more! After 6 years of living here we finally got our picture taken in front of the famous "Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas" sign.

It is such a great feeling and spirit having them in our home. I love that Brandon has kept in touch with them after 10years of being home from his mission. It is great to see how good they are doing.