Tuesday, December 20, 2011

11 Months!

11 months: He is 20 lbs 9 oz (as of 2 weeks ago)
He has 3 teeth and almost 1 more!

He is all over the place, can open doors, is getting better at standing all by himself, will walk around the living room pushing his train, gives kisses, is finally starting to clap, will FINALLY cuddle with us at bedtime, he pats your back when he hugs you, is a big tease and loves to make you laugh (when I change his bum he will turn to his side so I can't get his diaper on and just giggles) he is in the copying stage and will click his tongue or stick it out if you do it to him. He got his first haircut and loves music.

I love him so much! I can't believe my next post about him will be when he is 1! Where did this year go?