Monday, January 25, 2010

Disney ON Ice

We took Hadley to see Disney on Ice and it was so cute! My parents came down to hang out and come with us. We had a fun weekend with them! All week Hadley was telling us that Grandma and Papa were coming Friday and we were going to see ice skating on Sat.

We went early to see the new Princess and the Frog princess. And see Cinderella! Hadley loves Cinderella even though her face in these pics says other wise! She is seriously the most un-photogenic person ever!


Little Mermaid:
Lion King: This one was my Favorite!
I think Tinkerbell should stick with Peter Pan, I don't like her as much. But Hadley LOVES her so I guess thats all that matters.

Hadley kept bumming off ice cream from Grandma. She won't use a spoon, just her fingers good thing her grandma is a good sport! She wore this dress all day and to bed including the heels! But when she wears it she only answers to Cinderella. (At least she is not a horse) The funniest part was when she said, "Grandma, make Cinderella some dinner!!"

We hate goodbyes! She gets so sad when these two goons leave us! They are the best and we love it when they come see us!