Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Ryland Clark

On Tues 10/2 I had my 39 week appointment.  This is the longest I've been pregnant so I was going a little crazy!!  Usually by 36 weeks I'm to a 3 or a 4 and with this one I didn't start dilating until 38 weeks and I was barely a 2!  

I got to my appt at 11 and she said we were going to have this baby today.  I was thrilled!  She stripped my membranes (which hurts oh so bad!) and said I was to a 4 and having a few contractions.  So she said to muster up some tears and head to the hospital and when they call her she'll tell them to keep me.  She said she'd come break my water around dinner time.  I was so excited and so nervous.  Brandon was in court so I called my mom and told her she better come.  She'd been packed for a week waiting for me to tell her this!  I picked up Grayson and took him home to feed him and put him down for a nap.  My friend who had Hadley met me at home to take both kids. Brandon got home we grabbed a few things and left!  

We got to the hospital at 1 and I was nervous they'd send me home since I wasn't dying of pain!  It worked out great because my doctor called so they had the room ready and were expecting me.  They got me hooked up to everything and we just waited.  They had just changed computer systems or something so my nurse was to busy with that.  She wasn't the warm and fuzzy nurse I like or have had in the past so it kinda made me more nervous because I felt like we bugged her the whole time.

At 2pm my doctor sent someone over to break my water.  They tell you this doesn't hurt, they lie!  It was by far the worst pain I felt through this whole thing!  It probably didn't help she tried to break it with her fingers first and that failed. My contractions were getting so bad.  I was dilated to a 5 and we were still waiting to get an epidural. 

At 2:15pm the anesthesiologist came in. 

At 2:30pm my mom arrived!!!
I was still in a lot of pain.  My epidural was only working on my right side.  So they moved me to my left side and after a min they hurried and got me back to my right side, threw on the oxygen mask and a lot more nurses came in. I couldn't see all of them or hear them with the mask on, but after I learned that things got scary for a few min.  The baby's heart rate dropped so much and Brandon and my mom said it made them both nervous listening to the nurses until one of them said things were ok again and then they left.  

At 2:50 ish I was finally feeling numb all over and not so nervous I'd be feeling everything!  

At 3 they checked me and I was complete!  They called my Dr.  

At 3:10 My doctor arrived.  We were doing a practice push and then she said keep going!  After 3 pushes he was here!!  It was amazing and went so fast.

Ryland Clark
7lbs 1 oz
20 inches

 The kids were so cute and so excited to meet their new baby brother.  Grayson couldn't get enough and kept holding out his hands saying, "baby." 



He was born with a club foot.  I was so nervous to touch it for the first few days, I was scared I was hurting him.  It didn't bother him though. 

My mom brought Grayson over and Hadley got dropped off after school.  The baby gave them their presents!  

Around 1 we left!  I hate staying in the hospital so we leave as soon as we can!  We had to take the birth certificate paper home because we couldn't agree to a name!!   

After 2 days we finally agreed on the name Ryland.