Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Girls!

Our good friends Kelly and Jenni are moving to Washington. So Jen and Ava came down for a few days before they leave. Ava is a doll and I had to put a picture of her on here! She is so giggly and smiley but every time I went to take a picture she would just stare at me!

Monday, February 25, 2008


Well I finally did it! I got Hadder's ears pierced! It took 6 long months to talk Brandon into it and talks of getting him a new computer. It actually started when we talked about having kids. I never really thought it would be an issue and that people really freaked out about it. All of you who are not married I'd suggest bringing this issue up! It could be the deal breaker! Just kidding. My mom did mine when I was a baby and I don't remember them ever hurting me and I like it that way!
So here is how I justify it for all of you who don't agree with us. -She doesn't know she has ears yet! That way they can heal, stay clean and she won't touch them.-Hopefully no one will call her a boy anymore! (There are really stupid people out there! She'll have on a bow and people will still ask what our little guys' name is) -She's little so she won't remember this. I've been hearing all sorts of stories of girls who have to wait until they are older and it hurts so they end up just taking them out. Or like the lady who works with Brandon, her niece got hers done when she was nine and the first ear hurt so she wouldn't let them do the other one! For months she walked around with one earing! Thats more cruel than just doing them both when she's younger!!

Her is our "happy" before picture! I'll be honest, this is the part where I had some guilt! Thanks Kristine for being a good support to both of us!

This is right after they did it. I had everything waiting for her. A bottle, binky, a cookie, her marker she likes, and that stuffed dog they let her play with.

And this was after! She only cried for a minute and then she was laughing and being herself!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


My cousin Jessi came and stayed with us for a few days and we had so much fun! Hadley loves her and always made sure Jess was looking at her! Hadley started doing this fake laugh, I love how she thinks she is so funny! Jessi was so sweet and for Valentines she took Haddie and let us have a date night!

Here is her Valentines from my mom. "Grammy" Its this cute book, a bib and her favorite cookies!

This is my cousin Jessi!

I'm so lazy lately, its so much easier just putting her in the sink rather than bending over and getting her in her bath. (When she gets in the big bath she goes all over the place and tries to roll all over and put her face in the water!) I love how she's just kicked back and enjoying her bath!

Monday, February 11, 2008


I know I already posted today but this is better than unpacking! Hadley started saying "Mama" this weekend!! She's been saying "Dada" for a while now but now she's onto bigger and better things! Oh and she's squints now when you get the camera out because she knows theres a flash! It cracks me up.

This is Hadley eating cookies with my mom. She couldn't stop giggling at her!

This looks like the flash is in her face but she's on the table and the light is above her! We're not blinding her! She makes this face when she sees the camera now!

Our Little Boy Is Growing Up!

For those of you who didn't know or even care, my little brother Kason (yes I said little) has decided to go on a mission! I'm so proud of him but to be honest I'm having a hard time with it cause we've been close all growing up. He got ordained an Elder this weekend. He is such a good kid. He always makes us laugh! And I'm just so proud of him cause he's done it all on his own and is working so hard! We've been teasing him that he'll get called to Mesquite or Idaho. At least then we could all afford to go and pick him up!

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Riley, Crew and Mama Jew (Ri's mom Julie) came down to visit! We had so much fun and got a lot of shopping done! Both babies didn't sleep as well that night. It was funny cause every time we had to make a bottle we'd both be in the kitchen making them together! Hadley once again made the moves on Crew. Its definitely Crew's turn to show how he feels!

I love this picture! Hadley is just gettin' comfy propping her leg on him!

Crew loved the pink crib!! They had fun with the mobile! Don't worry we didn't leave them in there together all night or unsupervised!