Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful Easter in St. George this year! It was great having my cousin and Aunt there from Phoenix as well. We decorated Easter eggs with everyone and we drove my mom crazy. I made the comment that I don't remember ever decorating Easter eggs when I was younger and when my brother Kade agreed it went downhill from there! So the rest of our weekend consisted of her throwing out memories from when we were little and us thinking she was nuts.

A few funny Hadley quotes from the weekend: during church she says to my mom, "Grandma, why are we singing? We do NOT sing at my church." and after dinner we usually read the Easter story and we were kinda being bums about it so we said Kason, you just tell us it. And Hadley says, "Kason, not again." in a bored and annoyed voice. It was hilarious.

So here is our picture of our first Easter decorating eggs!
Jessi, me and G.

Having fun with Robin Eggs.

My mom is so cute with Hadley and creative too! Here they are making little chicks.

Easter morning Hadley and Grayson woke up to a note and clue on the front door from the Easter bunny. After finding all the clues, she finally found her Easter basket hiding in the tub. (Apparently the Easter bunny sucks at drawing a tub, cause it took some time figuring that clue out!)

She thought it was so funny. She loved her kite, puzzle and Easter outfit.

Trying to get a pic before church. I love Easter Sunday! I love the spirit that you feel, the songs sung in church and the wonderful talks! The older I get the more emotional I get I swear!
After our yummy lunch we went to the school to have an Easter egg hunt and let Hadley fly her kite. I hope my cousin Jessi will come back after the surprise we left her in one of her eggs! Not the most appropriate but if you want a good laugh come to one of our Easter egg hunts.
I love her face in this pic. She is taking this seriously!

I love that my parents still make it fun even though we are all old! Yes she made us all hunt for eggs too!

Hadley loves her uncle Kade and aunt Syd! I'm sad I didn't get one pic of Sydney, she was there I promise!

Friday, April 22, 2011

3 Months!

3 Months:
12lbs 8oz {50th percentile}
24 inches long {50th percentile}
and we were surprised his head is only in the 25th percentile!

Can I just stop time PLEASE! I love this stage! The toothless grins, the baby talk, not mobile and he still likes to be held! He really is the sweetest thing ever!

*He was very dramatic with his shots! Cried for a half hour non stop!!! And then I swear he wouldn't smile at me the rest of the day!

* cat napper and will give me one really great nap during the day

*sleeps from 8 -4:30 or 5:30 eats and goes back down til 8

*pretty much just on formula now and doing great

*can almost fit his whole fist in his mouth.




*only likes his binky sometimes now

*very rigid, sometimes he's awkward to hold cause he won't sit, just stays straight!

*he is so gassy and smelly

*when he "talks" he flares his nostrils and just says "OHHH" over and over

*still gets swaddled when he sleeps

*still has a pretty chill personality

He got his first cough and we've been doing breathing treatments with him. No RSV, just a cough. These allergies are killing all of us this month!

Daddy time, he will just sit there and talk and smile to Brandon. It is so cute!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Salt Lake

{ April 8-10th }

We went up to Salt Lake for a quick trip to see Brandon's sister's baby be blessed! She is a doll and her daddy did a wonderful job! It is so fun because we have 2 new babies on Brandon's side of the family and then our little guy! So we've been wanting to get up there to meet these cute little girls!
Of course the weather had to be horrible and freezing, but it didn't stop us. We had a good time visiting, playing in the snow(ok, just Hadley), going out to dinner, playing with puppies and babies, and playing games.

As soon as Hadley was ready on Saturday, she wanted to get out and play in the snow! She had fun with Grandpa Craig! They started making a snowman but it ended up being a T-Rex Snowman named Lisa with grass eyelashes.

Grayson and Avery

Sylvie - Grayson - Avery
Sylvie was born in Dec, Grayson in Jan and Avery in Feb!! They are going to have so much fun together, I'm excited! (Now we just need to recruit one of them to move down here so we can play more!)

Right before we were headed home she had to jump around in the snow one last time!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Go Sharks!

We put Hadley in soccer this year and thought she'd love it! Or at least we'd have pure entertainment every Saturday watching a bunch of 3 year old's play! Well we were kinda off. She only likes soccer at the practices when she has her ball all to herself and she doesn't have to fight a bunch of boys to have a chance to kick it! Her first game we had a fun morning with my parents and then we got to the game early and she practiced for a bit so by the time the game started she was done with it. She played the first half and then when she came out for half time we couldn't get her back in. She just sat there and cheered on her team. Thanks to Wes yesterday who just picked her up and made her come on the field, saved our day!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Fun with friends

When Brandon was in school every year for spring break we'd meet up with our good friends Britney and Travis for a little vacation. Well now that he doesn't get spring breaks we haven't gone anywhere with them for a while. We've been talking about doing something and it finally happened! They came down to Vegas for 3 days and it was sooo fun! To bad they brought the crappy weather with them!

We started things out by doing each others hair, going to lunch and taking the kids to the M&M and Coca~Cola Factory and to see the lions at MGM. Then after a yummy dinner we ran away to Target. My favorite part is when we'd put the kids down and have our late night chats!

Saturday the weather was awful so we went to the mall and then decided to be nice and take our kids to a park until we couldn't handle the cold and wind any longer. We ordered take out and had a movie night watching Mega Mind. Its so cute to see see Hadley and Nolan lay on the floor with their blankets and pillows and laugh and talk about the movie together. Hadley loved Nolan and Lincoln, they all played so good together.

I know Nolan was ready to get back home, but I was so sad to see them leave! I love ya Brit and Trav, come back soon!