Wednesday, March 26, 2008

$1.48 and I'm staying in the States?

My brother Kason got his mission call tonight!! He's going to Rapid City, South Dakota baby!!! I've been so excited and proud until he said he leaves June 4th! Now its too real to me. Just Kidding, we're still excited!
Kason's 8 friends who have already left for their missions received their calls in envelopes with postage of $1.38 and they all stayed in the States. The ones with $1.48 have been out of the Country. Its been 8 for 8. Well not today folks! The big guys at the church headquarters caught on!
For those of you who don't know my brother, he is amazing! He has the best personality and lights up the room when he walks in! He is so smart, funny, determined, hard working and thoughtful! He is going to make a great missionary. I was hoping he'd come to the great State of Nevada but I guess not!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!

We hope you had a nice Easter! Ours was nice. My family came down and spent the weekend with us. On Easter morning Brandon and I made breakfast for everyone. Then we gave Hadley her Easter baskets form us and grandma and grandpa Prisbrey. She got bubbles, teething tablets, and new hair things (if it ever grows in enough to use them). Grandma and Grandpa brought her some fun new bath toys and money for her bank. Then we went to church. We have the best calling, we teach the 5 and 6 year olds. I was so impressed with them. Usually during our lesson we hear the comments, "I'm bored" "Can we color now" and "What do you have for us today". I love the simple lessons in primary. They are on my level! But it was so great to teach the kids about our Savior and why we celebrate Easter.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hadley got tagged!

Hadley's friend London tagged her. So here we go.
Here are 8 things about Hadley.

1- Hadley likes to dance. When she hears music she bounces and shows her moves!

2- Hadley has a pink puppy that she sleeps with! It is so soft and she loves to put it on her cheek.

3- Hadley loves to watch Regis and Kelly and Ellen. When they do their monologues she thinks they're talking to her. She has her eyes glued to the tv and will laugh when they do! She just loves people and kids. When we're around our friends kids she watches them and giggles so much!

4- Hadley can be sensitive. When she gets her feeling hurt she bows her head.

5- Hadley loves food! She's not picky. She'd eat everything we do if we'd let her.

6- She has this new cheesy smile. It is so funny! She smiles from ear to ear and squints!

7- She loves to be outside. She loves the wind and rain! She gets so excited if its windy and will laugh!

8- Hadley is a lover! She'll pat your back when you hug her and will give you kisses. (open mouth, suck on your cheek kisses! I love baby kisses)

Hadley tags Nate, Millie, Cooper, Hudson, Lauren, Taylor and Aaralyn!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Break Baby!

Brandon took a few days off of work so we could enjoy his last spring break ever! Once a year we go to Mesquite with our friends. I know it sounds classy but it really is fun! Its the best cheap vacation ever! We go swim and lay out. EAT and do the spa and it is the best! So my mom came and met us in Mesquite and she took Hadley for a few days. What is sad is I really think Hadley likes her more than us! Which is nice in situations like these so we can leave her!

This is Britney and Travis. Brit and I went to hair school together. Trav was so mad at me for getting out waiter to take our picture! Its sad I'm totally turning into my mom and grandma with the camera! I use to hate it when they would take pictures of everything and now I do it.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Easter Pictures!

So yesterday I went and had her 9 month pictures done and the Easter ones too! She would not give them a smile no matter what crazy thing they would do! But as soon as I took off her dress and gave her that necklace she was workin it!


I know I can't complain to much about Hadley's sleeping. She's slept 8-9 hours a night since 4 months. (unless she got sick or we were out of town) But now she is 9 months and we're done getting up at 5:00 a.m. to feed her. So, I need some advice! I've tried the crying out thing and its not really working. We let her cry for over an hour today and it just wakes her up more and more. So we've been up since 6:30. Well her and Brandon have! PLEASE HELP US!!

Monday, March 03, 2008

9 Months!!

I can NOT believe Hadley is 9 months now! Its not suppose to go this fast! It makes me so sad but at the same time I love what she can do now! She is scooting and once in a while will do an actual crawl. She sticks out her tongue and will spit (Thanks Lanece!). She will not lay still for a full diaper change! And she is quick! Then once her diaper is on, she can undo it. She loves to get into our entertainment center and get Brandon's nintendo paddles out. She books it to the movies and gets out the DVD's. I know she is smarter than we give her credit for because I swear she knows that she is not suppose to get into the Ensigns and that is the only time she is quiet as she sneaks over there! She waves and puts blankets over her face to play peek-a-boo!

She found her bracelet!

She crawls underneath her saucer and puts the ball in there because it rolls all over!