Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

I had such a great birthday this year! I love my friends! It started out in the beginning of the week with them taking me to Cheesecake Factory for dessert. Then I've had a few lunch and breakfast dates! Phone calls, cards and some nice gifts! Thanks girls, I love you!

So most of you know we have a table for little people. Seriously! I had to take a picture to prove to Brandon. This is the one thing he brought to our marriage was this table! And it has taken me almost 5 years to convince him we need a new one. I love our old table and its served its purpose but I'm ready to move on! Whats embarrassing is when you invite people over for dinner who have kids and you don't have a chair or space for them at your dang table! So today I went to lunch with some friends and I come home to Roses! It was awesome! Then 15 min later a big old delivery truck pulls up and the guy asks me if I have a delivery... I'm like no, but its my birthday! And he says Happy birthday I hope you wanted a new table cause its in my truck.

THANK YOU BRANDON! I love you so much and you are the best! My birthday has fallen on finals for law school every year so its been kinda on the back burner. But thanks for making up for it! Every birthday/anniversary I always guess wrong. But you did good this year and now I'm scared for your birthday because now it has to be something good!

here is to prove to you all that you can't even put your knees under our table! look at the difference.

here she is in all her glory! there are more chairs but we, I mean him are tuckered out from putting this all together!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Biggest Loser here we come! I can't stop eating CANDY. I got brandon a huge bag of his favorite gummy worms. We added up the calories and the whole bag is 7500 calories!

We had a fun Easter with my family. They got here on Sat and we went to dinner then to town square to walk around and shop. Hadley loves it there because she can see the airplanes coming in. And to finish the night up we stopped and got slurpies!

I love these pictures of Hadley and her Papa. She'll just talk his ear off. I swear he's her favorite person! Except now she calls him Kelt. Its so funny.

This is what grandma and grandpa brought her. She wouldn't smile because her mouth is full of candy.

Here she is hurring and looking to see what she got before we left for church.

She calls my mom "mygam" and she loved playing and coloring with her. She thinks grandma is funny.Hadley would not take a nap. So I told her to lay down or go to her crib so she ran to Papa and fell right asleep.

On a side note, Mothers day is coming up. If you need an awesome gift for your husbands to give you my friend Shauna does amazing paintings! Check them out here littleshopofshavs