Wednesday, June 22, 2011

5 Months!!!

He's 5 months now!

weight: 16lbs 4 oz (50th%)
height: 26 in. (75th%)
head: (50th%)

Oh, he is sooo fun!! I can't get enough of this little man!
He is so smiley now, laughs and makes all sorts of noises.
He's rolling from his belly to his back and almost back to belly.
He likes to play on his belly more and more.
He's grabbing things. Loves his bath.
He loves his rice cereal. Not very cuddly.
He's getting so much better with naps, still sleeps like a champ at night (most the time).
Laughs at Hadley.
So curious and looks at everything taking it all in.
Hates it when he can't see whats going on.
He's been swimming a few times now, and when its not nap time he likes it.
Does not like getting strapped in his car seat. When you start unbuckling he immediately arches his back trying to get out.

My quick get-a-way!

My good friend Holley and I have been talking about meeting in St. George for a weekend with no kids or husbands. I haven't seen Holls for over a year so it was well needed! We've known each other forever and I've missed her so much!
My parents were out of town so we used their house, it worked out nice! We stayed up talking til 2 or 3 a.m every night reminiscing about the good ol' days! We slept in, shopped, ate and swam. It was perfect! Somehow, I only got one picture of our whole weekend.

We went to dinner with Kason one night and he's known to do anything if you offer him money. So we told him if he ate the huge jalapeno pepper we'd buy him ice cream. That sucker made him cry! It was hilarious.

I love you holley bo bolley, maybe next time you can bring your family so I can meet Hudson!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our fun filled weekend

June 2nd, Hadley turned 4!! This makes me feel old! She is such a big girl and was so excited for her birthday this year. We wanted to make her day special, so before we went to bed we blew up a bunch of balloons and put them in her room so when she woke up she would be so excited. These balloons kept popping so I was so nervous that they would pop during the night and scare her to death. Luckily they didn't.

I guess this is our birthday tradition, we met up with Lindsay and her boys and went to chuck e cheese. The kids loved it and got some fun prizes just because it was Had's birthday!

Brandon always brings Hadley a cupcake on her birthday. She made him put a candle in it so she could turn 4 she said. Right after he left, she was outside waving to him and turned around and tripped and her cupcake went under my car. It was very devastating!! Thank goodness he brings me a cupcake too, because it came in handy this year.

I swore I was not going to do a birthday party this year. I was taking advantage of the last year before she would be totally into it. But I like making my kids cakes on their birthday, kind of our tradition. So the plan was cake and ice cream and a few friends and no actual party. Well she wanted a tangled/barbie birthday cake. So I thought I'd make pascal cupcakes and a barbie cake. This cake kicked my butt!! What a pain. The cake fell apart when I put the barbie in it so plan B was just a round cake with the sun from tangled on it. Well drawing a sun with frosting was harder than it sounded! So plan C the round cake with an "H" on it!

She loves playing Rapunzel and I have to pin a long piece of toilet paper or anything long like that in her hair. So I thought I'd make this long braid for the decor and then she could have it to play with. This sucker took over an hour to make and all three of us! It was fun though, she loved it.

Her cute little friends. We got lucky that Chase and Connor were visiting from Salt Lake!

I love my family!! After the party was over they all showed up!! They came down just to eat cake and ice cream and give Hadley her presents in person! My mom stayed with us for a few days and everyone else went home that night. It was fast but so fun! Hadley loves her uncles and aunt syd! She was spoiled.

June 3rd:
Hadley had her last day of soccer! We made it through it! They had a pizza party at the park to get their trophies. A few weeks ago Hadley even scored a goal!!!!
We will miss the Sharks!!

June 4th: We had a lot of fun while my mom was here. We took her to see Kung Fu Panda 2 and went to dinner after. She got a birthday treat, and after she blew out her candle she asked me if she is 5 now.
June 5th: Grayson started rolling! He is liking being on his tummy now, and rolled over 3 times that night!

I love you mom, thanks for staying with us and letting me and Brandon have a few date nights!!!

Things to remember about Hadley at 4:

She is 37 lbs and 42 inches tall.
She was so brave and did not cry when she got her 4 year old shots.
I asked her a few questions and here are her answers:
Favorite color is Orange. Favorite food is watermelon. Favorite thing to play is princesses or swimming.
She loves any animals and plays with stuffed animals over dolls.
She loves barbies, dressing up and watching movies.
She has the best imagination and is so smart. She has such a great memory.
She loves to pick up Grayson or pull him around the room by his feet. ( I'm in trouble!)
She is a big helper at home.
Loves primary.
Loves music.
She loves to color now or cut paper.
She says that when she is 5 she will like more foods and will know everything.
She is a big tease.
She has an imaginary boyfriend named Danny Phantom.