Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My quick get-a-way!

My good friend Holley and I have been talking about meeting in St. George for a weekend with no kids or husbands. I haven't seen Holls for over a year so it was well needed! We've known each other forever and I've missed her so much!
My parents were out of town so we used their house, it worked out nice! We stayed up talking til 2 or 3 a.m every night reminiscing about the good ol' days! We slept in, shopped, ate and swam. It was perfect! Somehow, I only got one picture of our whole weekend.

We went to dinner with Kason one night and he's known to do anything if you offer him money. So we told him if he ate the huge jalapeno pepper we'd buy him ice cream. That sucker made him cry! It was hilarious.

I love you holley bo bolley, maybe next time you can bring your family so I can meet Hudson!!

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