Sunday, September 25, 2011


8 months......

This month has been pretty exciting for him with lots of firsts!
-he {army} crawls everywhere
-he had 2 teeth come in within a day of each other
-got his first cold
-says "goo"
-cries in the car when Hadley is not sitting back there with him
-threw his first tantrum, like on the floor-flinging himself back tantru
m because I wouldn't let him stand in the tub.

-he pulls himself up on everything, this kid moves ALL day long

-went to his first rodeo (a post of its own coming soon...)

-tried out the swings at the park

-had a major growth spurt and we had to literally cut off the feet of his jammies the other night. Pretty junky, I know!

He is so fun, can't hold still, so curious, hates to be left out and does not give up easily.

Hadley at age 4 and almost 4 months....

-loving school
-loves target
-is in this copying everything I say stage.
-loves learning
-loves surprises
-can remember someones name after hearing it once, and lets me know that I always forget
-can keep herself entertained
-is just starting to really ask for friends to come over or for her to go to their houses and play.
and asks for sleepovers. Yikes! (i swore my kids would never be allowed to have sleep overs...)
-is obsessed with ages and not wanting to get old.
she told me "i stop growing when I'm 5 silly."

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Salt Lake

Aug 19th- 21st

My cousin got married last month in Salt Lake so the kids and I headed up there for it. We were so excited to see our a lot of our family that lives far away. My cousin Kim lives in Atlanta and we had our babies a month apart, so we had a deal that we'd meet up for the wedding and meet each others babies! All my mom's sisters were there from Georgia and Arizona so it was a lot of fun! Wish we all lived closer.

visiting my mom at work when we got into town.

My brothers and Syd couldn't make it cause of work, so on our way we went and saw Kason who was working in Fillmore that week.

Hadley picked me a flower all by herself!
After being checked into our hotel for 5 min, we headed to the bridal shower while all the guys and Hadley went bowling!
My cousins: Kim, Hillaree, Karly, Amber and me.

Taylee did not know what to think of these two!
Katelyn 7 months, Taylee 1, Grayson 8 months.

On Saturday before the wedding we got up and headed to Park City. It was so fun and it is so beautiful up there. My dad and I took Hadley on the Alpine slide. She loved it and had her hands up the whole time.

Hanging out before the wedding started.

Kim, Katelyn and me and Grayson. Katelyn is adorable and is the happiest baby ever! She had a smile on her face the whole weekend!
The only pic I have of the bride! She looked so pretty and I loved that she had her mom walk her down the isle! So sweet!

This is my cousin Monique's little girl Chloe. Hadley had so much fun with her! She keeps telling me, "remember my new cousin Chloe, I miss her." We need some cousins to live closer. Hint. Hint.
One of our highlights of the weekend was surprising Grandma and Grandpa McDonald! I'm so mad I didn't take a single pic! We had Erin and Garrett in on our little secret so they were in charge of making sure they'd be home in between the wedding and the reception. So the kids and I waited on the porch while they were at dinner and surprised them when they got home. It was so fun! I love surprises! Their faces were great! Hadley was so excited. It was fun visiting with them and we were so happy that Erin, Garrett, Sylvie, Thomas, Kristin and Avery came by too!

So worn out that she fell asleep with her sucker in her mouth!
After the wedding reception Grayson and Katelyn SCREAMED the whole drive back to the hotel. It was pretty funny.

Saying goodbye! It was nice all staying in the same hotel. Kim and I stayed up late one night and just talked. I loved it. I love my family and cousins! We missed the ones that couldn't make it!

Friday, September 09, 2011

A new year

Hadley started her 2nd year of preschool today at Miss Erika's. She was a little sad when she realized it wasn't kindergarten! She walked right in with no hesitations which made it so much easier! When I picked her up she was so excited and kept telling me about her fun day. It is going to be a little different this year without all her buddies, good thing there are 2 little guys from our ward so hopefully that will help. She told me her teacher is "adorable."

They had this little booklet all about the first day. They drew a pic of what they looked like the first day, how they wrote their names on the first day and then Miss Erika asked them what they wanted to learn this year in preschool. Hadley's answer, " to fly like a bird."
Hope she's not to disappointed this year!

She also started a dance class this week. She LOVED it! This is going to be a fun year!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I have a mobile baby!

{ August 31st 2011 }

Look who is mobile! He started army crawling after Hadley's toys on Wed. I don't know who was more excited, Hadley or Grayson! Hadley yelled, "Look how awesome! He is a crawling baby now!" She's been looking forward to this since we brought him home from the hospital. I on the other hand, held him the rest of the day hoping he'd forget! Every day he is getting better and better at it.