Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Graduation time

 The beginning of May, we headed up to Salt Lake for a wonderful weekend!  Brandon's sister and mom both graduated from the University of Utah.  It was great being up there for it, what an accomplishment!  Shannon and her family were there, so it was fun seeing the cousins and letting the kids play.

While we were there we tried getting an updated picture of the babies.  They were hilarious.  Its impossible to get all 3 to cooperate.  Grayson would grab the girls snacks, or pick his nose, one would cry, another would try to get up and run. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Grayson 15 months

 Grayson at 15 months:

Weight: 23 lbs - 53%
Height: 31 1/2 inches - 61%
Head: 18 1/4 inches - 36%

Things to remember:
- Has 6 teeth.  2 big front ones, 3 on bottom and one top molar
-Still loves balls and balloons
-Says "Ca" for cars, "ball", "mom", "dad", "aga" for dog, "dose" for those, "go-go", he points and says "dat?" He calls phones "pa". 
he's not much of talker yet, Hadley was saying words so early.  He understands things pretty well.  He knows what things are but just has no interest in saying them!
-loves to give kisses lately 
-Has been quite the mommy's boy lately.  This is different for us.  Hadley prefers her dad but never would cry if you left her with someone.  He screams when we leave him with a sitter or walk out of a room.  I went  out of town for the weekend and now he prefers his daddy.  He's not forgiven me yet or this just cured it!
-loves the bath and being outside!
-obsessed with shoes and cell phones. 
-knows where his head, eyes, ears, nose and mouth are.  And tummy.
-when he hears music he loves to dance.
-is still deathly afraid of dogs! and pretty much other furry animals. 

When you are taking a pic of him and tell him to smile, this is what you get!

 He loves hats!!  When he sees one at the store he'll wear it while we shop.

There has been a few times when he's decided to go take a bath with his clothes on.  He just jumps in, turns on the water and starts playing.  This time happened 10 min before our church started.  He had on his shoes and all.  

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our April

 Easter 2012

When the kids got up we headed downstairs to look for our Easter baskets.  To their dismay they were just sitting on the chair waiting for them.  No goofy hiding spots this year. After they looked through and ate some treats, we had a little Easter lesson. I love Easter and I love sharing with Hadley the importance of Easter.  Then we headed to church.  After church we had a yummy Easter dinner with some friends in our ward who weren't able to be with family this year either.  We had a little egg hunt and let the kids decorate some eggs.  It was a wonderful day!

Kason and Nakelle get married!!! April 14th

 I can't believe my baby brother is now a married man!  It was such a fun weekend.  They got married in the St. George temple. It was a little chilly and sprinkled on us at the temple but it really was such a pretty day.  We love you Nakelle, welcome to our crazy family! 


The Luncheon: 

This kid, if he sees a balloon.  He will find a way to get it! He had a hold of it the whole time we were there. 

 My mom and all her cute sisters!  They are the best, they've been to all of our weddings and they don't live close!

The reception:  They had it in Nakelle's paren'ts backyard and it was beautiful! 

Grayson LOVES his pappa.  He was his little shadow and stood right next to him in the line for part of it. 

Hadley loves taking pictures.  I'm not lying when I tell you she took a picture of every single person that went through that line!  It was hilarious. I love her face in this pic. 

This is how my mom and I kept warm!  We found some thermals in her drawer and hiked them up under our dresses. 

Hadley loves her uncle Kade and Aunt Syd.  

 Hadley caught the bouquet, she was so happy and took really good care of it until we finally had to throw it away! 

April 21st: 

We finally had a free weekend and Brandon built the kids a sandbox!  They were so excited.  We had a great day planting flowers, playing outside and eating lots of popsicles!


 April 28th:  
 My birthday started off by Brandon surprising me and taking me to the Eiffel Tower restaurant.  It was really good and the view was amazing. We had a window seat and just sat and watched the Bellagio fountains while we ate.  Then we walked around Town Square and got frozen yogurt, went home watched a movie and I finished up my relief society lesson for the next day.  


April 30th: My birthday!!
 I woke up to breakfast from Brandon and the kids.  Hadley made me a card. I even got to spend some of the day with my parents!  We headed to The District for some shopping and lunch.  It was a great birthday!  Thanks for all the calls, texts, and facebook messages!