Monday, November 08, 2010

Our October...

Things to remember about October:

*Had a great conference weekend. My family came down to watch Sunday's session of conference. This was us playing games after. Every time Papa needed his glasses so did Hadley.

*PBR with some of our favorite people. *Hadley's preschool had a Halloween party and parade. Here is her cute little class. She LOVES preschool!!

*Had a fun surprise baby shower for Erin. (Thanks Caitlin for putting it together) Wish we lived closer so we could do girl things more often!!

*Saw some good friends while we were in Utah. We actually had a minute to meet up for lunch with the Gardners. Hadley asked for the camera and if she didn't I wouldn't have gotten these ones. Wish I would've thought to take pics when we saw the Phillips, the Richards and Drages! It was fun seeing all of you, thanks for letting us intrude!

*We went trick-or-treating in Brandon's parents neighborhood with our little "girl" pirate. She has to make that clear to anyone who asked her what she was dressing up as. Forgot how cold Utah Halloweens are! It was fun though even though Hadley made Brandon say, "trick-0r-treat" for her.

* My sister in law Kristen got married!! It was great and we had the best weekend! That one gets it own post once we figure out the picture situation!

*I'm 28 weeks now! And the nausea is coming back. I'm feeling quite large. This pregnancy is flying by. Poor kid is still nameless and probably will be for awhile. Pregnancy #2 is bringing on different pains I never had with Hadley, like charlie horses, major right rib pains, leg pains, braxton hicks and killer heartburn. I'm for sure more hormonal this round and is willing to pay someone to come organize my house!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Pumpkin patches

I love this time of year and all the festivities! We were able to do a few pumpkin patches in October (actually all with in a week) which were so fun for the kids! Our play group gets together a few times a month and for one of the activities they arranged for just our group to go play! They had a few rides, the big blow up slide, a train ride, chickens, rabbits and they got to feed a goat and take home a pumpkin.

Pumpkin Patch #2, was the same one as the first. I just intruded went with Lindsay and her ward so we could go again since it was so fun! (and so much cheaper with a group!) Thanks Linds!

Pumpkin Patch #3: Since the first ones didn't have the pony rides open during the day I promised Hadley we could go and take dad and ride the ponies one night. This one was more on the scary side for pumpkin patches! Good thing Brandon came with! I'm pretty sure we were the only ones without a cigarette behind our ears. This one had a little ferris wheel, a maze and a few different rides. My dang camera broke though so this is all I got!