Thursday, December 24, 2009

What I am Thankful for...

I thought the 2's were going to be scary, but I have to say I LOVE this stage! She is constantly cracking us up and saying new sentences. I have to jot these things down or else I will forget them.

-She tells me, "you're not funny, I funny"
- She'll call me mommy, mom, or honey
- She's obsessed with her daddy
- As soon as Brandon comes in she yells "mommy, daddy is home!"
- Then she has to take his tie off for him and help him with his shoes.
- When she wakes up from her nap she has to close her door and then before she comes downstairs she says, "mommy, I awake"
-She always says please and thanks to me and Brandon
-She's the best encourager and tells us good job or be careful
-She has the cutest imagination! but thinks she's a horse
-Her favorite #is 5 and always asks for 5 eggs or 5 chicken nuggets
-She likes circle cereal (fruit loops)
-When we take her up to bed and she's trying to stall she'll say, " Haddy be funny" and fall down or hit her head to try and make us laugh
- She loves her papa and always says " papa get Hadley" Or "grandma and papa funny"
- She's good with everyone's names
- She tells us Santa gets stuck in chimney's and he's bringing her a horse
- She love to count things and can count to 15
-she loves the casinos and thinks they are her castles
-and she 's a big tease!