Wednesday, April 24, 2013

 Ryland 6 months!

Weight: 14.5 lbs - 18%
Height: 27.25 in. - 73 %
Head 17.25 in. - 63%

 Things to remember:
He only wears his shoes and bar at bedtime!
He's founds his toes.
He gets scared easy with loud sounds or crazy kids.
He is cautious with new people and is starting to want mom or dad.
He'll reach up and play with my hair when I rock him or feed him.
He can roll from his belly to his back now!
He is a sitter! I love it, he's not moving so it's the best stage ever.  He'll just sit and play!
He tries to spit and makes spitting sounds. (It is cute now!)
He takes baths in the normal bath now.
Loves being outside.
Finally on a schedule during the day, two naps.
He's had a cold so his sleeping has been horrible lately.
He puts his binky in upside down and will just suck on it that way forever!

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Disneyland with Grandma


My mom came down for her spring break and after a few hours of her being here I said, "we should go to disneyland."  When she didn't turn my crazy last minute idea down, we started making arrangements!  First off, I needed Brandon's permission!  I felt bad asking him because I knew he wanted to come but couldn't take work off.  He was awesome and told us to just go, he'd take care of the boys.  Next off, we needed a sitter to watch the boys.  My cute friend watches my boys once a week when I work and it worked out that she could take them all day for me. 

We went to bed early, got up at 4am, got ready and snuck in to get Hadley.  I asked her if she wanted to have a girls day with me and grandma and miss school.  She was excited all ready!  Then my mom asked her if she could go anywhere where would she go.  She said to the movie theater.  When we suggested Disneyland instead she was so excited!  It was so cute and fun to surprise her!  

We were off by 5am.  We were ready and expecting the park to be packed.  March is always somebody's spring break and my friend Lindsay was there the day before and it was busy!!

We got to the park at 10am and to our surprise it was not that busy yet! We hit up Indiana first and walked right on.  Same with Pirates, Haunted Mansion and Splash Mountain.  We told Hadley she had to try everything once and if she didn't like it she didn't have to go again. 

 Indiana Jones
We get up there and see that it says 10 min. My mom asked the guy if this was right and he said yep!  We've never been there when we could just walk on.


I honestly thought she'd LOVE Splash Mountain.  Boy was I wrong!  After the first mini dip, she tried standing up and telling me she's getting off the ride!   The other people in our ride kept looking back and giggling, she was freaking out and yelling and crying!  It was pretty funny! 

She was still a little upset from Splash Mountain.


We didn't stand in any line to meet characters, so we made Hadley just turn around and we'd take her pic.  We saw quite a few though, Belle, Ariel, Brave, Winnie the Pooh (kissed Hadley's head as he walked by), Tigger, Chip and Dale, Mary Poppins, Tinker Bell, Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter.  


The line to Space Mountain was 45 min and it was already 5:30 pm.  We still had to drive back home that night, so instead of waiting there we went and did the Buzz ride a few times and Star Tours. 

 The parade was going on so there was no line,  we walked on the jets for our last ride of the day!

 She picked out something with her own money and she chose Chip and Dale stuffed animals.  After we paid for them and walked out, they were standing outside.  She was thrilled and said, "what a coincidence!"  (photo bomb!)

 She was out before we left the parking lot!

It was such a fun day and experience to have with my mom and daughter!  Next time we'll take all the boys!