Sunday, February 01, 2009


Hadley loves shoes lately. She was pretty proud of herself for getting dad's and actually being able to walk in them.

Hadley and Nate started a tumbling class. It is the best entertainment ever! For parents and the kids. My camera died right after I took this one so more pictures will come later.

This girl is a climber! She climbs on everything. I don't know where this kid get this from, But she is obsessed with tables. She climbs up any table and dances, slides back and forth on her belly and does all sorts of tricks. This is what usually gets her in time out! I'll be out of the room for 1 minute and come back in and she is jumping up and down on the table.

When she hears Brandon open the garage when he comes home from work, she immediately runs to the door and goes out in the garage. Tip: Stick with the round door nobs. She can open all of our doors. So on this night, she ran out and instead of wanting daddy she wanted to play in the car. You can see the car from our kitchen table so we just propped open the door and left her in there while we ate. It was a nice peaceful dinner.