Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Baby # 3 is.....

A Boy!

We are excited!  We found out and kept it a secret until we saw our families in person.  The first ones we told were Hadley and Grayson.  There is this cute bakery by the hospital we were at so we had them make us something 'blue' to take home to the kids.  It was kinda dorky but it helped out I think because Hadley didn't cry this time when we told her it was a boy.  

My cute friend Whitney makes amazing cakes, so she made me some pretty cupcakes that were so yummy   with blue frosting in the middle and that is how we told our parents.  (the picture is not doing it justice. They kinda melted on my way home)

 Our little miracle: 

This baby, we have felt from the beginning is pretty special.  He was quite the surprise but we know he's meant to be here soon just the way everything happened.  At my 20 week ultrasound the tech told me she saw something wrong and it wasn't serious so she'd just tell me.  She told me his right foot is clubbed.  I've had a few friends this last year who have found out pretty hard and unexpected news at their 20 week ultrasound so I told the tech, I don't care the feet can be fixed I'll take it!  So she said she was going to get my doctor.  I called Brandon and told him everything is fine, but his foot is clubbed.  I told him I was fine and the doctor was just coming in so I had to let him go.  As they started scanning me again and talking about things I knew something was up, it wasn't just his foot.  My doctor told me my cord is on the side of my placenta and not to really worry yet.  Sometimes it makes no difference but sometimes it can cause the baby not to grow.  Then they started talking about his heart and my heart sank.  They said he has a heart arrhythmia and the tech said she couldn't see all his heart as clearly as she should.  Not all 4 chambers.  Then they kept talking about his palate.  Finally my doctor told me I needed to see a specialist and have his heart checked out and that we need to have the downs syndrome test done.  

I kept telling myself, don't freak out until we see the specialist.  I stayed strong until I made it to my car and I just cried and prayed.  I called Brandon and explained what was going on.  Then called my mom who was already planning on coming that day for Hadley's dance recital.  We had made plans to go to the temple while she was here too so she could watch the kids.  I'm so grateful to Lindsay who had my kids that day.  She just let me vent and cry to her when I picked them up.  That night Brandon and my mom decided we should have a family fast that Sunday.  It was mother's day and I felt guilty asking but we have such amazing friends and family.  I felt so overwhelmed for the love I had for everyone and for our Savior.  I just kept feeling so peaceful.  

After 5 days, we finally made it to the specialist.  We met with a counselor and then went and had an ultrasound and then met the doctor.  He said the baby for sure has a clubbed foot but that his heart arrhythmia was gone.  He said his heart looked perfect.  He thinks this is an isolated thing with the foot and he sees no other indicator to take the down syndrome or any chromosome test.  They will do another ultrasound in my 3rd trimester to make sure the babe is growing.

We are just so grateful for the power of prayer and fasting.  For the love our family and friends have shown and their support.  We just can't wait for this little guy to get here and hopefully he will be happy and healthy and no other problems.