Thursday, February 28, 2013

Somebody is 2!!!

{Jan 16th}
Happy birthday Grayson!!!

Height: 35 in / 65%
Weight: 27.8 lbs / 60 %
(at his appt. he had to get shots and he got nervous and was on the verge of tears but then when I picked him up he said, "dat tickled.")

I'm loving having a 2 year old again!  I forget how much fun this age really is.  I love that he talks so good now, and is constantly making us laugh.  And even though he can be so dang naughty it is still worth it. He has the cutest little voice and makes the funniest facial expressions, I seriously love this little guy of mine!  

Things to remember:
-he loves his sister!  He will go get a snack and he always gets her one first! 
-can't  get enough of Ryland.  He will get in his face and talk baby talk to him and make him smile. he loves to hold him and hug on him.
-he will let anyone else get him out of his crib but Hadley.  He falls down so she can't reach him.  
-loves playing playdough so he can make 'cookies'
-he calls me "mommy-io".  Don't know why or where he got it.  It makes me laugh when he's in trouble and says, "sorry mommy-io."  He'll add that to dad's name as well.
-very picky eater now! Unless it's treats or "nacks" as he calls them.
-loves climbing up my pantry
-loves watching Toy Story 3 andWild Kratts.
-He is soooo afraid of dogs and most animals! 
-he asks for the park and chuck e cheese on a daily basis. 

His buddies Janna and Claire surprised him with balloons which started his day off great!  He was so excited all day long when we'd tell him 'happy birthday'. 

Birthday tradition: cupcake from dad.  Of course he goes right for the pink one with sparkles!

 { Jan 19th }
Party time!!

My parents, Kason and Nakelle came down to party with us and we invited the few friends he has for cake and ice cream! 
We got him a balance bike and we were so excited but when he tried it out he was a little short for it!  So we took it back and headed to Wal-Mart to find him a new one. 

We kept going back and forth on a Mickey Mouse  or 'big truck' party.  The big trucks won! 
My mom and grandma would always make our birthday cakes growing up.  It's been a fun tradition to do with my kids.  It's the one time a year I make a cute cake!  Thank you to Whitney, my cake mentor! I loved how his cake turned out!

 Nate and Ryan gave Grayson these cute boy-dress ups!  
Superman: Ryan, Robin: Luke, Batman: Grayson

Monday, February 18, 2013

December 2012

I love December!  I love putting my tree up, reading Christmas stories to my kids, seeing Santa (even if we waited over 2 hours this year!)  the Christmas lights, etc! So it was a fun month!

 This was the first year our Elf came.  His name is Sparkles and next year he won't come as early!  He did wonders at keeping the kids in line!  
All 5 of us got the flu this winter in the same week, and one day he left Hadley some things to help her get feeling better.  

 It was are year to be in St. George but since Christmas was on a Tues we thought we should visit both families.  This might be our last year going anywhere!  
It was crazy and we couldn't bring all our gifts, Santa had to wrap up pictures of things he got us.

Our lovely drive!

 Grayson and Sylvie playing.  

 The kids in their Christmas outfits.  I think this is what all my pics will look like when I try to get one of all 3 kids! 

We got to St. George right in time for our Christmas eve party with my family and cousins.  It was so fun!  I've missed out on the last few years so it was so good being there this year! 

Ryland and Emma

 We have a tradition that we sprinkle reindeer food on the lawn and then come in and read a Christmas book.  This year Nakelle got roped into the reading!   After we go find our jammies that Santa dropped down for us. 

 We played some fun games, this one you unwrap a present wearing an oven mitt and the present is wrapped so many times. 

 Christmas morning!  

My parents made Ryland his own cast stalking!  

 All Hadley wanted this year was this fish necklace she saw in Downeast Outfitters months prior!  It was quite the ordeal when she asked Santa for it the week before.  Luckily the store had 2 left! 

When you'd ask Grayson what he wanted, in a deep voice he'd say, "big truck papa truck."  like his papa's.  

Grandma got this little man a bunch of formula!  Best gift ever!!!

Nakelle made this cute blanket for Grayson and one for Hadley! 

Later that day we went to visit Grandma Pope.  This would be Hadley and Grayson's last time seeing their great grandma:( 

This is the kinda snow we like!  That doesn't stick!  They were loving catching it in their mouths and watching it come down.