Sunday, January 27, 2008


mY hUsBaNd....
What is his name? Brandon McDonald.
How long have you been together? Together 4 1/2 yrs. Married 3 1/2 yrs.
How long did you date? From the time we started dating until the time we were married was exactly 1 year.
How old his he? 27!
Who eats more? Sad, but me. He's embarrassed by this so if you ask him he says we eat the same.
Who said I love you first? Brandon! This is funny! He tried to say it once before it actually came out. He'd been down for the weekend in St. George and was leaving to go back to Salt Lake. He was acting kinda funny and wouldn't just say good bye. Finally he said, "Kiley" (which was weird because he usually calls me Ki.) "I love... spending time with you!" It was so funny! It worked out good because if he would've said it then I would've freaked out. But it prepared me for the real thing!
Who is taller? Brandon
Who can sing better? Brandon. (not by much, we both aren't singers)
Who is smarter? I wish I could say me but its definitely him! I'm street smart and he's book smart!!
Who does the laundry? We both can, but I usually do!
Who pays the bills? Both. He does the online ones and I do all the rest.
Who sleeps on the right side? He does. What ever side is closest to the door I make him sleep on.
Who mows the lawn? What lawn?
Who cooks dinner? Usually me but he is a good cook! Sometimes we find new recipes and make it together. Its fun!
Who drives? Brandon. This was a sore spot when we first got married. Whenever we went on a trip, exactly half way he'd stop and make me drive.
Who is more stubborn? We're both the same. I guess it depends on the subject.
Who kissed who first? Brandon did!
Who asked who out first? Brandon did!
Who proposed? Brandon did. He did it on my birthday. He put the ring in a clock box so when I opened it I thought it was kinda weird I was getting a clock. I started unwrapping it and he got too excited and took it and finished unwrapping it for me.
Who has more friends? I would say we are pretty equal there.
Who is more sensitive? 100% me. I tease him that he's dead inside! Thats one of his strong qualities is that he doesn't let things bother him.

I tag Holley, Erin and Kristine! And whoever else wants to do it!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm so mad at my Secretary!

So the other day, the most awesomest thing that could ever happen to anybody, happened to me. I have a dartboard up in my office for those moments when I need a break. I was taking a dart break yesterday and I threw a bulls-eye. I was pretty proud of myself. I thought, "There's no way lightning strikes twice in the same place," right? WRONG!!! I threw the next dart, and magic happened! The tip of the dart stuck into the flight of the previously mentioned bulls-eye dart (the "flight" is the wings of the dart for those of you who don't play). You don't believe me? I have proof! This is a picture I took from my cell phone:

Unfortunately the attorney that usually plays darts with me is out of town until Monday. So I decided that I was going to keep the darts in the board to prove to him how freaking amazing I am. And then the worst thing you could possible imagine happened! My secretary, I'll call her Clarice to protect her identity, came into my office to drop off a new case list. She then proceeds over to the dart board and before I could say anything, she pulls the darts out of the board!!! She says, "Do you mind if I try throwing a few?" I couldn't say anything because my throat was closing up from the anger. She basically ruined my life. I've calmed down now and at least I still have photographic evidence of my greatest life achievement. Whew! It feels good to get that out! That is all...

Sick of being sick!

There hasn't been much going on around here! Brandon and Hadley have both been sick. Hadley has been teething but now she has a horrible cough and cold! It makes me so sad. Is it bad that I love how cuddly she is though!?

Here are some pictures of what we've been doing lately.

This is what she does when her teeth are bothering her, she chews on her thumb. She loves to roll right up against the couch and put her feet in the cushions!

This is my little lamb helping me do laundry. Since she's been sick she gets mad if you leave her sight. She's really not mad in this picture. As soon as you take the tights off her head she laughs!

She won't crawl or even attempt getting on her knees. She just rolls everywhere! She loves going under her crib, she thinks its funny!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Christmas was so much fun this year! Its always great going home for Christmas! We got the best of both worlds since Brandon's cousin got married in St. George all his family was there too!

All morning Hadley kept looking at the tree and saying, "OOh!" She loved the paper and actually opened a present. She'd get mad if you took it away to hand her a new one so I just opened the rest and threw them to her!

This was Hadley's early Christmas present. We had to give it to her early because it wouldn't fit in our car to take it to St. George.

It took about ten years for Hadley to open this present!

This was Hadley's "I'm so excited" face.

Hadley got a Zebra from Grandma and Grandpa McDonald...

And she got a Choo Choo Train from Grandma and Grandpa Prisbrey!