Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our February

This month has flown by! We've had a fun month though. We started some house projects. We are moving Hadley into another room so we've been painting and making her something for her wall. I'm glad Brandon is patient and just goes along with my crazy ideas. Hopefully this turns out!

{this is really propped up on something, he's not just cutting straight on our rug!}

We've been on a few cool dates including La Reve and Lance Burton.

The best Valentines present ever is when my parents and grandparents showed up to surprise us and babysit so we could go on a date with our friends! We have like 6 young women in our ward and a million primary kids, so if you need a sitter you have to call fast or they are taken. Well this is what happened to us so we thought we'd just take Hadley with us to dinner. Well, they had different plans for us! It was so nice of them. They just drove down that afternoon, told us we didn't have a choice that they just wanted to play with the kids and we needed to go have a break. Then they drove home that night, they are crazy I tell ya but are always so thoughtful.

{ I'm the worst at taking pics, so i have no pic of my valentine. I do love you bran, thanks for our fun date night and for my awesome gift}

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I finally got my Christmas pics, so I thought I'd post them. To get us in the Holiday spirit we went with my parents to the Bellagio and Town Square to see the Christmas decor. We also had a quick, fun visit from my aunt and unlce who live in Georgia. Its always fun to see them! She made Hadley her pink hat which was just what we needed for our Christmas in Utah!!

We started a new tradition in our family now that we are getting some grandkids on my dad's side! On Christmas Eve we always have a big progressive dinner but this time after dinner we went outside and spread some sort of mixture that Aiden made in preschool, all over the grass for the reindeer. Then we look in the air and find a red light, and lie to our kiddos and pretend its Santa. Then we go inside and the guys go put a present out on the lawn for each kid. And its their Christmas pajamas! It was a hit and Hadley keeps saying Santa brought her a red balloon.

We had a fun Christmas with my family and they spoiled us. Grandma and grandpa saved Hadley's christmas by giving her a rocking horse and making her a cinderella blanket. Brandon and I had to open all her other presents cause she could have cared less. The princess was not a hit, but hungry hungry hippos was.

Our highlight of the day was talking to my brother Kason, who is on a mission. We're excited for him to come home in June!

Then we took off to Salt Lake to see Brandon's family! We had such a great weekend and Hadley loved the snow! Grandpa Craig took us sledding and aunt Caitlin almost killed my daughter on a sled but we loved every minute of it. We played lots of games and saw lots of family and friends and it was great!

Our friends Dustin and Audra planned a fun get-together. It has been way too long since we've all been together and we were sad for the families who couldn't be there. But we had an awesome night visiting and catching up.