Tuesday, October 27, 2009

big ol' update

Its been forever since we've updated the blog.. so here we go.

Brandon and I just got back from a fabulous 8 day trip to Maui! Its been in the works for 2 years. We went with Brandon's family. Adults only, which is the only way to go in my opinion! My parents were great and came and took Hadley up to St. George. She had so much fun and they did a lot of fun things with her.

I don't have a lot of pics, Brandon's sister was our personal photographer (thanks Cait! seriously you were the best! it was probably annoying for you at times) but I'll post some of the ones I do have.

Here we are on the road to Hana.

One night we got up at 2 in the morning and drove 2 hours to Haleakala and watched the sunrise. It was pretty cool. You are up 10,000 ft and above all the clouds and its amazing!
For Brandon's birthday we did a zipline. Well 5 hours worth of zipping, there were 7 of them! It was the longest zip line in the world. It was so fun and our guides were the best!

One of the nights we snuck away and went on a date. We went down to Wailea to shop and eat.

This was in Kaanapali, the beach was amazing. I think our favorite beach in Maui was big beach though! On our last day we were the last to leave so we took some old towel cards from our brother and sister in law and went down to the marriott and hung out! This was just on a little grassy ledge where we soaked up some sun! It was HEAVEN! I did not want to come home! Seriously give me a book and throw me on a beach and I'm content! I loved it! Thank you Jill and Craig for our lodging! It was the best vacation!

This was a while ago, but Hadley is getting so big! She is so dang funny and tries to make us laugh. She talks so great and comes up with the funniest things! She is so independent now and has to do things herself and has opinions on what she wants to wear all of a sudden. We went to dinner one night and she insisted on her glasses. Oh well, I can handle her wearing those in public but I draw the line with her princess dresses!

Over labor day or whatever Holiday was in Sept.. my parents came down and we took Hadley to the dolphin and lion exhibit. It was fun. and then we went out with my parents to Phantom. It was great! Its nice to live close so we can go do fun things together!