Friday, July 20, 2012

LIfe Lately

May 2012:

Hadley graduated from preschool. She had such a great year with Miss Erika!  We will miss her! 
They had a fun little program and lunch for all the families.  

June 2012:

Hadley turned 5!!  Crazy, 5 just seems "old" to me!  We've had a party every year and this year we were going through all the crazy baby stuff that I decided we wouldn't do a party.  I slacked off to long to pull something together.  So we had a "non-party-party" and it was wonderful and no stress!  We decided instead of a party we'd do build a bear.  She has never been and is obsessed with stuffed animals.  
But to start it off we had a couple of her friends just meet us at Chuck-E-Cheese's to play and eat cupcakes.  I'm sure the workers were onto us,  but they were so nice to the kids and brought Hadley a crown.  

On her actual birthday, we waited for Brandon to come home from a scout camp over nighter and for my parents to get here.  She was so dang excited to open her presents so we got that done before heading off to build a bear! 

Sometimes this girl is so unpredictable. Out of all the choices of stuffed animals to pick from she chose the roughest looking one there!  She gets mad at us when we call it a "he" and reminds us its a girl dog.  She named her Flower Heart and seriously takes care of it like its a real one.   

Once again she surprised us with her outfit choice.  She got her this little bikini from Alvin and the chipmunks.  When she was picking out shoes, we told her she gets 1 pair even though she has 4 feet and she said, " Its my birthday, don't ruin this for me."  She cracks me up, but she lost that fight!  

She got to pick out the restaurant for grandma and papa to take us and chose Red Robin.  
We were just relieved it wasn't McDonald's.  

We made a rainbow cake for her and she decorated it all by herself with her princess dolls.  I'm telling ya, this birthday was the best and no stress I highly recommend it! We were lucky to have our friends Kelly and Jenn in town and their kids so they came over for cake and ice cream.  

Summers are awesome cause Grandma has it off and we get to see her lots!  She stayed the week after Had's birthday so we could go do a stay-cation with no kiddos!  We did lots of swimming and got to play with Ava and Bennett alot too! 

 Ava and Hadley

When we took Grandma back home we stayed the weekend and had fun swimming at Aunt Gloria's.  

That night I had my 10 year high school reunion.  It was a little weird being back and seeing people at first I feel like I'm so unsocial now!  But it was fun and Brandon was a sport!