Thursday, March 07, 2013


 I may or may not be crying as I post these!  Where did my baby go?!  It goes so much faster with each kid and it really makes me sad!  
I've been horrible with blogging about this little guy.  Mostly cause life is much crazier with 3 kids and this little man has kept us busy with tons of Dr. Appointments the first few months! 
So here we go: {his weight is off because he always has his cast on or the shoes on}

 Nov 2012: 1 month old!

-Started his club foot treatment and got his first cast!
It hurt him, but he was done crying as before they were done casting.  He's adjusted quickly! 
-So sweet!
-Only cries when he's hungry or super tired
-loves to be held
-loves his once a week bath time (he can only have a real bath the right before his cast comes off. so he soaks and then we take him in and they cut it off instead of using the saw).

 December 2012: 2 months!
Weight: 11lbs 14 oz {43%}
Height: 23.75 in. {83%}
Head: 15.75 {79%}

-Started smiling!
-coo's at you
-Is pretty chill and mellow
-we are done nursing
-doing great with his casts

January 2013: 3 months!

-started laughing!  Cutest thing ever! 
-starting to be a really good sleeper.
-had his achilles tendon cut, foot looking great!

 February 2013: 4 months!
Weight: 14lbs 9 oz {30%}
Height: 26 in {84%}
Head: 16.5 {58%}

 -Started rolling over from back to belly (jan 24th)
-started rice cereal and loves it
-got his cast taken off and braces put on (was so sad the first few days trying to get use to them)
-was sleeping 11 hours every night until the foot braces, not use to them yet
-loves to be held
-starting to be so squirmy!
-when you take his shoes off for the our at night, he starts kicking and smiling!

 March 2013: 5 months! 

-Rolls over from back to belly and then gets mad!
-Puts everything in his mouth.  Always has a binky, finger(s), or a toy
-Smiles and giggles
-Knows his name and will look at you when you say it.
-He is so ticklish 
-He wants to sit up so bad and can for a min.  He's getting better!
-loves his bumbo, hates to be laid down on the floor.  
-Coos and has a very high pitched scream  
-Doesn't like it when you leave the room
-Started eating baby food, doesn't like green beans and seems to like sweet potatoes so far
-Sleeps from 7:30pm- 3or4 am. eats and goes back to bed til 6:30/7
-Will only let you hold him like a "baby" when you rock him to sleep
-Starting to like Grayson! (He gets in his face and loves to talk to him, usually makes Ry nervous but now will giggle back.)
-still sleeps all swaddled up.