Monday, July 01, 2013

Hadley is 6!

 6 is old!  I feel old!  Where has the time gone?!

Hadley at 6:

Favorite food: candy
Favorite color: all of them. Except white, that is not a color.
Wants to be: a rock star or a veterinarian when she grows up.

-loves to draw and create things.  We go through so much paper!
-has picked up reading and just finished her first chapter book (Junie B. on 6/28/13)
-she is so thoughtful and sweet and pretty sassy too. 
-such a great helper with her brothers
-can carry Ryland without help
-wants to be a grown up so she can stay up late. 

The party!

We decided on a Rockstar birthday party this year. We went to the Rock the Tea.  It was so cute!
We got to play for an hour and they get to dress up, nails painted, hair done, a craft, tea party and play on the stage/runway.  It was the cutest place ever and Hadley kept telling us, "this is the best day ever! and This is the best birthday".  I wish we could've afforded to take all her little friends! And sorry to her little boy friends, I don't think they would've liked it:)  Right when she got there she told me, Nate would hate this place mom!


 Ryland 8 months:

This is getting more and more depressing!  I wish he could stay this way forever! 

-starting to crawl.  He gets in the position and then does this little hop thing and falls on his belly!
-he loves puffs, yogurt and any baby food with no chunks!
-he tries to pull himself up so he can stand
-he's so smiley! Opposite of Grayson when he was this age! Ryland will smile at anyone. 
-he has the sweetest personality.  He's just calm and loving, I can't really explain it other than that!
-loves his binky! 
-still wakes up once or twice.  It's killing us, but I'm a big softy this go around and can't bring myself to let him cry it out.  I blame his club foot and the fact that he's just so cute and little!
-so content outside!
-no teeth still.