Thursday, August 25, 2011

Grayson at 7 months

These pictures are cracking me up now that I have them uploaded on the computer. It pretty much sums him up. He moves constantly, jabbers, has his tongue out all the time, putting everything in his mouth, and then off to the next thing.

7 MonThS:

weight- 17 lbs 14 oz : 23 %
height- 27.5 inches : 57%
head- 17 inches : 24%

This is going to fast for me! 7 months means we are closer to him being 1 than him being my little newborn! He is just getting more and more fun and seeing his little personality and interacting with us is the best.

Grayson at 7 months:
- Said his first word, "mamma." I love it! Hadley's first word was dadda, so I'm loving this. He started saying it just when he cried but now he says it when he's happy as well.

-Moves his right foot in circular motions when he's happy or eating.

-Starting to teethe. His bottom gums are starting to get swollen but nothing yet.

-He doesn't like being in his car seat.

-Started doing this high pitched scream and gags himself when he is mad or not getting fed fast enough. (any tips on how to make a baby stop doing this?? Its pretty annoying and I get dirty looks from people if we are in public!)

-rolls everywhere and gets on his hands and knees and rocks. I think he will be crawling soon.

-does hand stands and head stands. He will do a headstand and then like swan dive forward!

-still takes 3 naps but I think that is almost over!

-puts EVERYTHING in is mouth. Hadley never really did this.

-gets mad when I walk out of the room.

-loves being held even though he doesn't really look at you when you hold him. He is so curious and loves looking at whats going on.

-hates sitting in grass.

-He is pretty stubborn.

-has the cutest, deepest laugh but the highest pitched giggle!

-And last but not least, he is saying "dadda" now. He just puts a 'A' before it though. "adadda"