Sunday, May 22, 2011

4 MoNthS


don't mind that he's giving me the bird.

He's a great little shopping buddy when Had's at preschool! After we got home he crashed on the couch.

I love and hate that my little man is 4 months. I know I say it every month, but it is just going by way to fast! I'm loving this age though!

We weighed him on the Wii and according to that he is 14lbs 9 oz. I think its off a little though, we will find out in a few weeks at his dr's app.

*he has been an awesome sleeper, until now. He has been waking up 2 times a night for a few weeks. I think its a growth spurt or something. Last night he slept a straight 11 hrs, so hopefully its over now!
*he has found his hands and eats them non stop
*he is spitting up more
*he is finally laughing, although it takes a lot to make him laugh and usually his mamma to do it.
*hates tummy time
*starting to fight the car seat. Ugg, I hope this is just a phase! He arches his back and growls when we put him in it.
*he is my sensitive child. Things freak him out and scare him and there is no consoling him!
*loves baths
*starting to not like his binky
*loves looking at himself in the mirror
*is very ticklish

Here will be one of his black mail pics in the future. After the kids baths the other night Hadley wouldn't put on her jammies so we told her Grayson would wear them. Sad that these 3T jammies were not huge on him! And I had to throw in a cute bow! I miss the headbands, I'll be honest!


Syd and Kade said...

"Don't mind that he's giving me the bird" :)
You crack me up!

Andrus Family said...

Ha ha, love the girl jammie picture!! 4 months already?? Time goes so fast! What a cute little guy he is!