Saturday, December 15, 2007


My mom and I took Hadley to see Santa! She was very interested in the big guy! She couldn't stop staring at him and trying to grab his beard. He kept holding her hand down. I was kinda bummed. I was hoping for a good picture of her tugging on his beard!!


Linds said...

Cute!!! Hey Kiley will you email me (or leave in my comment box) your address and your mom's so I can send you a christmas card? Thanks

Cami and James said...

Hey Kiley! hope your Christmas was great. We've have had an eventful couple weeks but so much fun as we were busy going back and forth between families and then we actually drove through your city on the way to Cali! I wanted to stop by so bad but I was with my WHOLE family and I was out voted. but I hope to come see you again soon. We went to Palm springs with my family for 4 days and it was a blast! hope you are doing great.. just wanted to send you a quick note and say HELLO and we'll have to talk soon! take care

The Kailing Family said...

hey kiley! I'm so glad I found your blog (off riley's) i hope it's okay I've been looking through you posts and I thought I wouls leave a comment on this one because i recognized this santa :) it's my father-in-law. anyway, I can't believe how big Hadley is getting she is adorable!