Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Our Crazies

Hadley 6 years old:
Loves to read, color and draw, play with her friends and watch Disney channel shows now.
She recently started taking piano lessons. She goes to Ballet/Gymnastics each week. She's become a "little mommy" to Ryland and she loves to pick him up, put him into his car seat and change his diaper (sometimes). She's very tender-hearted.

Grayson almost 3:
Loves Batman and all super heroes, ninja turtles and playing outside.
He loves babies and loves to hold them, playing with his big sister and candy. His new favorite words and phrases are "Actually..." and "Just kidding".  He's very thoughtful and actually has pretty good manners when it comes to saying please and thank you. 

Ryland 15 months:
Won't sleep through the night anymore.  Has 9 teeth now including a molar.  Loves his papa.
Loves to play outside and on the piano.  Shakes his head no and says, "uh-uh" when he doesn't want something. He also says "Uh oh" when he drops things (mostly on purpose).  Loves his brother and sister.  Has a favorite blanky.  When you tell him it is time to go "night night" he will wave to everyone, he knows the drill! He can stand up and will take steps.  He could walk if he wanted to.  Still wears the bar and shoes at night but the Dr says he looks great and will hopefully be done at 2 year instead of 3!!