Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Ryland 12 months

This little dude turned 1!  

Mommy was a slacker and didn't make a cake but daddy pulled through with his tradition of bringing home cupcakes on our kid's birthdays.  We had a little family party and took him to dinner and then to ride the carousel but the carousel was gone.  We left with 3 crying kids!  We came home ate cupcakes and gave him his presents!  

Ryland 12 months:
weight: 20 lbs 29%
height: 30.25inches  67%

He has the funniest little personality! 
He is so lovey.  When I pick him up he lays his head on my shoulder.  It melts my heart every time!
He loves to give kisses.
He has his 3 bottom teeth. 
 He sleeps all night.
He loves his mamma and cries when left with other people.
Loves to be outside. 


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