Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy 30th Brandon!

Yes this day finally did come. Sad but true. He's been dreading it all year and he survived! I think its safe to say it was a good birthday. He is truly the best. I love him so much and wanted him to have a great day. It actually was a few days of celebrating.

Some things to remember:

My mom came down for the weekend and took Hadley so Bran and I could spend a day together just the two of us.

I told him our first stop was shopping and it would be so nice to just walk around and shop with no toddler. I know he wasn't as excited as I was. So when we pulled up to town square I told him he could open his first gift. It was a framed pic of a TV and some birthday $. After years of him wanting a new TV and Lindsay and my mom talking me into it, I caved! This was the ultimate surprise and perfect for his big ol' birthday. I really thought he might cry! So we went across the street and picked it up.

Of course when we brought it home to drop it off, it couldn't just sit in the box. So we had to put it together and watch football for a bit before we could head on our way.

We had a nice dinner at Maggiano's, his favorite Italian place.

We did actually enjoy some shopping with no Hadley.

Went and saw "Social Network".

On his actual birthday {oct 19th} Had and I took him to lunch and brought him a little goody we made. Its kinda junky but its the thought that counts.

Also my brother celebrated his birthday 2 days before Brandon. While my mom was down we ended up getting some Barry Manilow tickets. It was going to be Brandon and my mom going cause Barry's not my thing but we ended up talking my dad into going. So Kason and my dad drove down just for the night. So we had a little birthday party for the 2 birthday boys.

And talked them into helping Brandon put together our new Ikea purchases.

Well Kason helped, my dad just.... observed. Late night at the concert I guess.


Kevin and Natali McKee said...

Sounds like a great Birthday! You have to show us the pictures of your purchases after you have them up.

Mark and Niki said...

So FUN! What an awesome wife you are! I LVOE all the crap you guys got at ikea! I am so jealous I miss good shopping!

Lindsay Griffeth said...

Happy 30th, Brandon! Glad you finally got your TV. :)

Spencers said...

I love Kasons stache!!!

Our Little Family said...


Andrus Family said...

Happy late birthday, Brandon! Yes, you are getting old...but don't worry, Ryan will always be older than you!! :)